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Contemporary German soloist violin, Bernhard Gerstner, Ulm 1995 - top
Contemporary German soloist violin, Bernhard Gerstner, Ulm 1995 - back
Contemporary German soloist violin, Bernhard Gerstner, Ulm 1995 - ribs
Contemporary German soloist violin, Bernhard Gerstner, Ulm 1995 - scroll

Contemporary German soloist violin, Bernhard Gerstner, Ulm 1995

This contemporary German master violin stands out due to its meticulous artisanry and its radiantly brilliant sound; it was built in 1995 by Bernhard Gerstner (view Gerstner's German website). Its excellent properties are immediately apparent with a glance at the premium tone woods he selected and crafted with great precision. The model is based on the work of Giuseppe Guarneri. The large scroll and accurately carved sound holes are the unmistakable work of an experienced and confident hand. The transparent light golden-brown varnish complements the top of moderately-grained spruce and the beautiful tender flames of the two-piece maple back. Our specialists have thoroughly gone over this instrument, which was kept in outstanding quality, and made it ready to play. We highly recommend its clear, brilliant and dominant sound for concert masters and soloist.

Inventory No.: A89
Provenance: Ulm
Maker: Bernhard Gerstner
Length of back: 35.2 cm
Year: 1995
6000.0 €*
approx. $ 6779.999999999999
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