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A fine Ernst Heinrich Roth violin, 1955 - Guarnerius model - table
A fine Ernst Heinrich Roth violin, 1955 - Guarnerius model - back
A fine Ernst Heinrich Roth violin, 1955 - Guarnerius model - ribs
A fine Ernst Heinrich Roth violin, 1955 - Guarnerius model - scroll

Ernst Heinrich Roth, fine 1955 violin - Guarnerius model

This wonderful Guarnerius replica from the Markneukirchen atelier of Ernst Heinrich Roth is warmly recommended for soloists and concertmasters. Its clear, dominant, resonant sound combines brilliance and maturity — outstanding tonal qualities that complement the delicate aesthetic of this sought-after early Roth instrument, which was crafted shortly after the relocation from Markneukirchen to Bubenreuth with the finest artisanry. Premium maple with deep flames was chosen for the two-piece back and ribs. The antiqued varnish puts the finishing touch on the interesting grain of the spruce top and gives it a beautiful appearance. The origin of this violin is confirmed by its original label, mark and serial number inside the body. At our violin making studio, the crackfree violin was meticulously set up and worked over and is now - like all instruments from us - ready to play. It has no cracks and a repair to the top sema under the fingerboard may be called the only flaw, which is considered in the price. Its ideally balanced, powerful voice and precise playing characteristics will open up broad horizons of nuanced musical interpretations.

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Inventory No.: 4536
Provenance: Bubenreuth
Maker: Ernst Heinrich Roth
Length of back: 35.3 cm
Year: 1955
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