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Fine Mittenwald violin, Klotz school, approx. 1780 - top
Fine Mittenwald violin, Klotz school, approx. 1780 - back
Fine Mittenwald violin, Klotz school, approx. 1780 - side
Fine Mittenwald violin, Klotz school, approx. 1780 - scroll

Fine 18th century Mittenwald violin, petite and elegant, approx. 1780

Dating from the late 18th century, this elegant and highly interesting Mittenwald violin is an excellent work made in the Klotz tradition of Mittenwald. A label inside refers to Joseph Kotz and dates the violin to 1774, a reference to the Klotz family by a lesser known master in the circle of the Klotz family who built this violin very cleanly and with the greatest of care. The small scroll and other elements of the elegant model indicate the strong influence of Sebastian Klotz' violin model. The medium to finely-grained spruce of the top and the mild flames of the maple used in the two-piece back reflect its maker's extensive experience and elegant style, which are also evident in the well-executed sound holes and purfling. The aged varnish shows patina and some traces of use which are fitting for the violin's age, as is the grafted scroll. Our atelier for violin making and restoration has meticulously worked over this instrument, that has some acceptable restoration which is considered in the low price. With its wonderfully mature and aged sound full of strength, warmth and balance, this violin is an impressive testimony to the reasons why the Klotz school plays such an important part in the history of European violin making. This delicate 18th century Mittenwald master violin features a warm and flute-like voice which is bright and sweet in the upper registers.

Inventory No.: 4372
Provenance: Mittenwald
Maker: Klotz circle
Length of back: 35.4 cm
Year: approx. 1780
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