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Interesting 18th century Markneukirchen viola, 1780 / 1790
Interesting 18th century Markneukirchen viola, 1780 / 1790
Violon alto ancien 18eme de Markneukirchen, depuis 1780 - eclisses
Violon alto ancien 18eme de Markneukirchen, depuis 1780 - volute

Interesting 18th century Markneukirchen viola, 1780 / 1790

A warm full and resonant, bright sound that is powerful and radiant in the upper ranges makes this interesting 18th century Markneukirchen viola ideal for demanding players in a way only few others at the given size are. With its light weight and a slim neck, this 39.2 cm viola is very pleasant to play. This rare instrument was made in the late-18th century around 1780 / 1790 based on a highly distinctive model with wide open f-holes typical for Markneukirchen violin making in the 18th century. The manner in which the viola was crafted shows the work of a well-trained craftsman’s experienced hand; he made the two-piece back of a confidently selected maple with interesting flaming, and the small delicate scroll was carved with aesthetic sensitivity and precision. The light brown varnish on a golden-yellow base coat has matured in keeping with the instrument’s advanced age, giving it a charming antique appearance which shows traces of a long and rich musical history. At our specialist atelier, the viola was lovingl restored, completely set up and made ready to play, and we offer it to demanding violists as an outstanding instrument with a warm, fbright sound that presents multiple opportunities for musical interpretation.

Inventory No.: 4436
Provenance: Markneukirchen
Maker: Unknown
Length of back: 39.2 cm
Year: 1780 / 1790
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