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Powerful French violin, Remy Paris (certificate Bernard Millant) - table
Powerful French violin, Remy Paris (certificate Bernard Millant) - back
Violon francais depuis 1840, famille Remy Paris (certificat Bernard Millant) - eclisses
Violon francais depuis 1840, Remy Paris (certificate Bernard Millant) - volute

Historic French violin, Remy Paris approx. 1840 (certificate Bernard Millant)

Multiple brand marks inside the body of this interesting historic French violin confirm that it was crafted in approximately 1840 by a luthier who belonged to the renowned family of Parisian master Jean-Mathurin Remy. With its radiant, strong, charming voice and its elegant historic aesthetic, it is a stylish example of the instruments which helped the name Remy establish such a solid reputation in the late 18th and 19th centuries. The finely-grained spruce of the top and beautifully flamed maple of the one-piece back are tone woods of the finest acoustic quality and appearance. A dark wine-red varnish gives sophisticated nuance to the perfectly crafted beesting corners and sound holes; the varnish is further enhanced by heavy crackling which developed over the course of some 170 years. In keeping with its advance age, this violin, which has been kept in premium condition, has a few musically insignificant repairs on the top as well as one on the peg box where the varnish was touched up in a darker shade. The restoration specialists at our atelier completely set up the instrument and made it ready to play; its excellent condition and provenance is further verified by a certificate of authenticity issued by Parisian expert Bernard Millant that is included in the price. We warmly recommend this violin in part because of its warm and radiant sound, which is darker in the lower registers and has a bright singing voice in higher notes.

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Inventory No.: 3779
Provenance: Paris
Maker: Remy family
Length of back: 36.0 cm
Year: approx. 1840
Tone: Warm, clear, radiant
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