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Fine English violin bow, probably Samuel Allen at W.E. Hill & Sons - frog
Fine English violin bow, probably Samuel Allen at W.E. Hill & Sons - frog
Fine English violin bow, probably Samuel Allen at W.E. Hill & Sons - head
Fine English violin bow, probably Samuel Allen at W.E. Hill & Sons - head
Inventory No.: A41
Provenance: London
Maker: W.E. Hill & Sons
Weight: 59.2 g
Year: approx. 1880
Tone: Clear, warm, large

Fine English violin bow, probably Samuel Allen at W.E. Hill & Sons

This superior violin bow from the prestigious London atelier of W. E. Hill & Sons is an exceptionally fine piece which was probably crafted by Samuel Allen. Little is known about the artistic biography of this master, despite the fact that he is ranked amongst the best bow makers in England; no less a luminary than William C. Retford, the leading figure in Hill's atelier for bows, declared that Samuel Allen's artisanal qualities bordered on perfection. Aside from this noteworthy expert assessment, however, it is the work itself which speaks most eloquently about its creator, as is the case with many great bow makers. This violin bow follows Sam Allen's Tourte model and has an octogonal stick made of premium pernambuco. The perfectly shaped head features the original silver plate; a larger Parisian eye and a one-piece capsule button adorn the classic decor of the top-quality ebony frog. With its good elasticity, the 74.5 cm stick of moderate thickness offers fluid playing properties, supported by a well-centered balance point measured at 26.0 cm of the total length. The original stamp by Hill & Sons above the frog confirms the provenance of this masterful bow, which was carefully set up by the specialists at our restoration atelier. It is now ready to play and will win over demanding musicians over with its clear, warm, large sound.

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