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Antonio Monzino & Figli, Italian violin - table
Antonio Monzino & Figli, Italian violin - table
Fine Italian violin Antonio Monzino & Figli, Milano 1925 - back
Fine Italian violin Antonio Monzino & Figli, Milano 1925 - back
Antonio Monzino & Figli, violino italiano
Antonio Monzino & Figli, violino italiano
Antonio Monzino & Figli, violon italien - volute
Antonio Monzino & Figli, violon italien - volute
Inventory No.: 4154
Provenance: Milano
Maker: Antonio Monzino & Figli
Length of back: 35.6 cm
Year: 1925

Fine Italian violin Antonio Monzino & Figli, Milano 1925

This modern Italian violin has an extraordinary beautiful sound and is a top-quality piece that that was crafted in the Milanese workshop of Antonio Monzino & Figli. As an especially characteristic instrument from this famous studio, it reflects the close collaboration Antonio Giacomo Monzino engaged in with an elite circle of contemporary masters linked to the brothers Riccardo and Romeo Antoniazzi from 1900 onward. At the time the violin was crafted, four years before Antonio Monzino's death, the workshop's typical model was fully mature; outstanding luthiers such as Luigi Galimberti and Ambrogio Sironi perpetuated the exclusive tradition established by the Antoniazzis, who died in 1913 and 1922. In this violin, their influence is unmistakably evident in the closely positioned sound holes. Premium sound woods were selected for this excellently designed slender model, which indicates the consistently high quality standards that were upheld by the younger luthiers in Monzino's workshop. Finely to moderately grained spruce of the utmost quality was selected for the top, and a beautiful maple with deep flames was used for the two-piece back and ribs. The yellowish golden-orange varnish gives the violin an appealing and harmonious aesthetic. The large and expressive scroll creates a confident accent confirming the instrument’s Italian provenance. Over the years a few tonally insignificant lower table bout repairs were made, which is not uncommon for a well-played violin that is nearly 100 years old. This classic Monzino violin is good condition and has been set up and made ready to play by the specialists at our workshop. Its warm, rounded voice is compelling with a rich Italian character that is precise, singing, somewhat mellow with a sweet note.

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