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Jules Sirgent, Paris, fine French violin patterned after Guarneri, circa 1900 - table
Jules Sirgent, Paris, fine French violin patterned after Guarneri, circa 1900 - back
Jules Sirgent, Paris, violon francais en modele Guarnerius - eclisses
Jules Sirgent, Paris, violon francais en modele Guarnerius - volute

Jules Sirgent, Paris, fine antique French violin patterned after Guarneri

Around 1900, French Paris luthier Jules Sirgent crafted this fine violin, a self-assured instrument inspired by Guarneri’s historic template, and it embodies the acoustic virtues of its predecessor to an extent that is quite rare. With the original label of its maker still intact, this violin displays an intensely personal influence which articulates the excellent craftsman standards and the mature style Sirgent had achieved by this time. After acquiring initial experience at the famous workshops in Thibouville-Lamy and spending years working for Émile Germaine and Léon Bernardel, Jules Sirgent opened his own workshop around the turn of the century in Paris and received an honorary diploma in 1900. For this instrument, he selected a tastefully antiqued dark-red varnish for his confident choice of fine- to moderately-grained spruce and powerfully flamed maple of the two-piece back. In doing so, the young master demonstrated his aesthetic sovereignty and his carefully honed sensitivity to premium-quality tone woods. The passage of time has put the final touches on the historic appearance of this violin: it has delicate crackling on the back and a few traces of use from experienced musicians. Three minor repairs to the top and ribs were made, but otherwise it has been kept in excellent condition and was thoroughly set up by our expert luthier. This original Jules Sirgent violin is a compelling choice with the full strength of its Guarneri voice which has matured for over 100 years, blending warmth and nuanced clarity.

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Inventory No.: 4358
Provenance: Paris
Maker: Jules Sirgent
Length of back: 35.6 cm
Year: approx. 1900
3900.0 €*
approx. $ 4134.0
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