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Contemporary Markneukirchen master viola, Jochen Voigt, 1982 - viola able
Contemporary Markneukirchen master viola, Jochen Voigt, 1982 - viola back
Contemporary Markneukirchen master viola, Jochen Voigt, 1982 - viola ribs
Contemporary Markneukirchen master viola, Jochen Voigt, 1982 - viola scroll

Contemporary Markneukirchen master viola, Jochen Voigt, 1982

A brilliantly crafted master instrument, this contemporary viola was made by Jochen Voigt in 1982, and it is a compelling testimony to the influence and dynamic nature of the Vogtland region's violin making tradition. Voigt hails from a large family of Saxonian luthiers whose roots can be traced back over 300 years. He himself learned his trade from his father, Werner Voigt, a student of Hermann Reichel. Werner Voigt made a good name for himself as an employee at Henry Werro in Bern, Hans Leistner in Nuremberg and Kochendörfer in Stuttgart before taking over the highly esteemed workshop M. & G. Voigt in Markneukirchen in 1952. His son, Jochen Voigt, left East Germany in 1986 and went on to win great acclaim in the international trade press. He also gained recognition thanks to the awards he won at international exhibitions in Kassel, Mittenwald and Poznan, in no small part due to his stupendous varnishing work. The orange-brown spirit oil varnish of this viola beautifully represents his skill: the excellent-quality tone woods were a perfect choice, both aesthetically and acoustically. The moderately grained spruce of the top and the narrowly flamed maple of the two-piece back combine an extremely harmonious aesthetic with elegant details, giving the instrument an inimitable personal note. The artisanal experience and precision evident in every detail of this viola does honour to the great tradition of the Voigt family. Maintained in pristine condition, it features its interesting master's original label and will win musicians over with its powerful and clear voice full of bright assertiveness.

Inventory No.: A65
Provenance: Markneukirchen
Maker: Jochen Voigt
Length of back: 41.3 cm
Year: 1982
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