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Markneukirchen violin, C.G. Schuster., 1911 - top
Markneukirchen violin, C.G. Schuster., 1911 - back
Markneukirchen violin, C.G. Schuster., 1911 - ribs
Markneukirchen violin, C.G. Schuster., 1911 - scroll

Powerful Markneukirchen violin, Carl Gottlob Schuster jr.

This excellent violin was manufactured in Markneukirchen in 1911. It was made by Carl Gottlob Schuster jr., a house of great tradition and famous for making high quality instruments in Saxony. Carl Gottlob Schuster jr. violins are especially appreciated for their outstanding tonal quality. This Carl Gottlob Schuster jr. violins bright and warm open sound, well-balanced and with an easy projection, makes this powerful Markneukirchen violin a first choice for serious players. The tonewoods are well selected and of quality. The top is made of beautiful medium grained spruce, the two piece back of deeply flamed maple. The varnish is of a golden brown color, very transparent and in excellent condition. The undamaged violin has been professionally set up by our luthiers and is offered ready to play, with new pegs, Pirastro strings, a new soundpost and a new bridge.

Provenance: Markneukirchen
Maker: Carl Gottlob Schuster jr.
Length of back: 35.6 cm
Year: 1911
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