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Fine Düsseldorf violin by Louis Otto, made 1892, No. 157 - spruce top
Fine Düsseldorf violin by Louis Otto, made 1892, No. 157 - maple back
Violon allemand de Luis Otto, fait en 1829 - eclisses
Violon allemand de Luis Otto, fait en 1829 - volute

Fine Düsseldorf violin by Louis Otto, made 1892, No. 157

A fine antique violin with a very beautiful warm, matured tone, handcrafted by Louis Otto in Düsseldorf in 1892. This violin that bears the original numbered makers label is an especially beautiful copy of Antonius Stradivarius, of quality and made with care and accuracy. The glossy and very attractive golden-orange varnish shows slight patination and highlights the beautiful, wild flaming of the maple back giving the instrument a special character. The general state of preservation is excellent. Despite a most minor f-wing repair to the right soundhole, the violin has no cracks or damages. Worked over by our luthiers we offer it tonally optimized in perfect playing condition. Ths Louis Otto violin has a warm sound with a very mature, unique character with a mellow undertone and beautiful resonance in the higher registers.

Inventory No.: 4532
Provenance: Düsseldorf
Maker: Louis Otto
Length of back: 36.0 cm
Year: 1892
2750.0 €*
approx. $ 3080.0000000000005
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