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French master violin, Jean Striebig violin No 597 Mirecourt - table
French master violin, Jean Striebig violin No 597 Mirecourt - back
French master violin, Jean Striebig violin No 597 Mirecourt - tsides
French master violin, Jean Striebig violin No 597 Mirecourt - scroll

French master violin, Jean Striebig, 1945

Jean Striebig (1910-1981), a student of the great Léon Victor Mougenot, was one of the most independent violin makers of Mirecourt. His masterful copies of Stradivari and especially his works patterned after his own models such as the violin offered here rank among the most sought-after French violins of the 20th century. This particular instrument bears the original label and other markings indicating it as #620; its defining characteristics include the small, elegant scroll and the strong arch of its top with its opulent sweeping edges. The light transparent orange-brown oil varnish draws attention to the beautiful deep flaming of the back, ribs and neck, as well as to the gentle, subtle lines of the grain on the top. Some minor flaws to the varnish; otherwise this French master violin is in top condition and has no cracks. Its sound is dark, radiant, clear, brilliant and mature.

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Inventory No.: 4260
Provenance: Mirecourt
Maker: Jean Striebig
Length of back: 35.6 cm
Year: 1945
3500.0 €*
approx. $ 3710.0
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