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Italian viola, by Paolo Maglia 1991
Good Italian viola, by Paolo Maglia 1991
Soloist viola, Italian

Contemporary Italian viola, Paolo Maglia 1990's

This modern Italian viola made by Paolo Maglia in the 1990's bears its original label and brand stamp inside - it is a very well-preserved contemporary instrument with a self-confident character that is perfectly Italian, as can be seen by the large, distinctive scroll and the wonderful oil varnish. With its outstanding soloistic sound, the Italian viola pays full honours to its provenance, which appears to include some distinctive craftsmanship. Its top is made of premium medium-grained spruce, has a well-crafted table and fluted sound holes; the body measures 41.7 cm. The extent of the mild flaming on the two piece maple back varies across the wood and is charmingly asymmetrical. The bright, clear, powerful yet warm sound of this full-blooded Italian viola will satisfy high standards, and its well-balanced openness opens up many musical dimensions.

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Inventory No.: 4277
Provenance: Italy
Maker: Paolo Maglia
Length of back: 41.7 cm
Year: 1991
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