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corilon violins
Prosper Colas violin bow approx. 1920-frog


Prosper Colas,excellent French violin bow(JF Raffin)

This highly recommended French violin bow by the great master Prosper Colas (1842-1919) is made of fine pernambuco wood and features the original stamp over the frog. It was made around 1900 and is a typical example of Colas' work during the period of his greatest successes. The round stick is of good stiffness and extremely elastic. The total weight is only 60.3 g, and its perceived balance point is towards the centre, measured at 25.8 cm of the total length of 74.3 cm. This fine bow embodies all of the good playing attributes that bows from France are famous for. With its mother-of-pearl eye and the white-rose mother-of-pearl slide, the German silver (nickel) fittings of the frog are both straightforward and elegant in equal measure. Its bright, clear and precise tone is amongst the characteristics that confirm it is a piece made by a most talented hand. Comes with a certificate of authenticity and evaluation for € 3,500 by J. F. Raffin Paris.

Inventory No.: B404
Provenance: Paris
Maker: Prosper Colas
Weight: 60.3 g
Year: approx. 1900
Tone: BrightclearFrench