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German violin bow, Markneukirchen approx. 1950 - frog
German violin bow, Markneukirchen approx. 1950 - head

Powerful silver mounted violin bow, Markneukirchen

This powerful silver mounted violin bow was crafted by an unknown bowmaker in Markneukirchen approx. 1940, a very successful work with a strong, octagonal stick made of fine, dark-red quality pernambuco. The silver mounted ebony frog is decorated with a Parisian eye and a golden-rose shimmering pearl slide. This sophisticated violin bow has a perfectly-centered balance point, measured at 25.8 cm of 74.6 cm total length; its total weight is 60.2 g. This excellent Markneukirchen violin bow is highly suitable for precise playing, featuring a very powerful, radiant, warm sound!

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Inventory No.: B609
Provenance: Markneukirchen
Maker: Unknown
Weight: 60.2 g
Year: approx. 1940
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