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French violin 3/4 Mirecourt ca. 1880 - top

3/4 - excellent French violin, approx. 1880

Young musicians of many generations have learnt how to play on the violin with this antique 3/4 violin - and according to this, the beautiful, red-brown varnish bears many traces of use, that can tell a lot of fascinating stories. These minor flaws are typical for student violins that feature extraordinary good sound qualities, as only players who love their instrument will play on it that often. Nevertheless, they handled this violin with great care, that was built in the French violin making town Mirecourt approx. 1880 and is preserved crack-free up to this day. Our experienced luthier completely worked it over, so we can offer it as an attractive antique instrument to today´s students, in immediate playing condition. The flat Stradivari model was made of beautiful tonewoods from the Vosges mountains and features a very convincing sound, that is adult, mature and resonant, warm and with good volume, comfortably light in the upper ranges.

Inventory No.: 1580
Provenance: Mirecourt
Maker: Unknown
Length of back: 34.0 cm
Year: ca. 1880
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