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Eugene Cuniot-Hury violin bow
Eugene Cuniot-Hury violin bow
Eugene Cuniot-Hury violin bow
Violin bow by E. Cuniot-Hury - Frog
Violin bow by E. Cuniot-Hury - Frog
Inventory No.: B914
Provenance: Mirecourt
Maker: Eugène Cuniot-Hury
Weight: 62.0 g
Year: 1885 - 1900

Eugène Cuniot-Hury, French violin bow (certificate J.-F. Raffin)

The large, fluid sound created by this French violin bow made by Eugène Cuniot-Hury is an impressive demonstration of the art of French bow making: its light and dynamic character at godo weight and quality of tone gives it outstanding characteristics. This Cuniot-Hury viollin bow is one of the rare c.1885-1900 works of Cuniot-Hury, who employed up to 12 bow makers in his golden period: his atelier was a place where many excellent bow makers such as Louis Morizot and Émile François Ouchard began their careers. The solid, strong, round stick has a very even weight distribution; its broad and central balance point is measured at 28.1 cm of the total length of 74.9 cm. With its mother-of-pearl eye and the white-rose mother-of-pearl slide, the nickel fittings of the Vuillaume style frog on a J. B. Vuillaume slide is straightforward, affordable and elegant in equal measure. Its large, warm, bright and precise tone is amongst the characteristics that confirm it is a piece made by a talented hand. After having been thoroughly set up by the specialists at our atelier, this excellent, affordable Cuniot-Hury violin bow is now ready to play. A certificate of authenticity by J. F. Raffin is included in the price.

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