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violin bow by Albert Nürnberger, Markneukirchen
violin bow by Albert Nürnberger, Markneukirchen
violin bow by Albert Nürnberger, Markneukirchen
Professional violin bow by Carl Albert Nürnberger
Professional violin bow by Carl Albert Nürnberger
Inventory No.: A17
Provenance: Markneukirchen
Maker: Carl Albert Nürnberger
Weight: 62.1 g
Year: 1920 circa
Tone: Large, warm, clear

Fine violin bow by Carl Albert Nürnberger, c.1920 (certificate Klaus Grünke)

The original brand mark of bow maker Carl Albert Nürnberger on the stick of this 1920's violin bow does more than simply indicate its provenance: it is also an acknowledgement of the Saxonian bow making tradition in which the family Nürnberger held an outstanding position. With this magnificently crafted piece, Carl Albert Nürnberger, the grandson of Bausch student Franz Albert Nürnberger, proved himself to be a faithful heir to his forefathers who followed in the footsteps of the great Ludwig Bausch and expressed the assets of modern French bow making in distinctive styles. The fruits of these artisans' labour are impressively and directly manifest in this Carl Albert Nürnberger violin bow: it sits comfortably in the hand and plays with power and fluidity, opening up extremely comfortable and multi-facetted playing properties. Its balance point feels well-centred and slightly inclined towards the upper half of the stick, measuring at 26.4 cm of the total length of 74.2 cm including the button. The excellent fittings of the silver-mounted bow is complemented by a distinctive Parisian eye. This Nürnberger bow perfectly satisfies sophisticated musical standards, and the few minor traces of use further confirm that it has been played often. After having been carefully set up by the specialists at our workshop, this high-quality crack-free Carl Albert Nürnberger bow is a versatile partner for nuanced interpretations thanks to its dynamic nature and its timbre-rich sound. Radiant and bright, it combines a sweet note with a pleasant warmth and a rich, resonant volume – an antique yet contemporary violin bow worthy of our special recommendation. The price includes a certificate of authenticity by Klaus Grünke.

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