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German violin bow, approx. 1910 - frog
German violin bow, approx. 1910 - frog
German violin bow, approx. 1910 - frog
German violin bow, 1910's - head
German violin bow, 1910's - head
Provenance: Markneukirchen
Maker: Unknown
Weight: 56,2 g
Year: approx. 1910

Antique violin bow - Markneukirchen c.1910

This antique German violin bow shows mature craftmanship, it was made around 1910 and is the strikingly lovely work of an artist bow maker in Markneukirchen. It features a beautiful mellow and sweet tone and is soft and forgiving at play. The head is neatly finished in a kind of which is rarely found amongst bows in this price category. The slide and the pearl eye are made of Markneukirchen-yellow-green mother-of-pearl. The round stick is of excellent pernambuco which enhances the bow's sophisticated aesthetic. This antique German violin bow of quality has convincing musical properties, the balance point is measured at 26.4 cm from the end of the frog and feels centered, very slightly shifted towards the head. This highly recommendable violin bow is well balanced and lets musicians enjoy fluid play. This bow complements well bright, clear and somewhat sharp sounding violins.

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