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Brasil wood violin bow, C. A. Hoyer approx. 1940 - frog
Brasil wood violin bow, C. A. Hoyer approx. 1940 - frog
Brasil wood violin bow, C. A. Hoyer approx. 1940 - frog
C. A. Hoyer brasil wood violin bow
C. A. Hoyer brasil wood violin bow
Inventory No.: B911
Provenance: Markneukirchen
Maker: C. A. Hoyer
Weight: 60.1 g
Year: approx. 1940
Tone: bright, clear

German violin bow, C. A. Hoyer approx. 1940

This Markneukirchen violin bow by C. A. Hoyer was handcrafted of quality brasil wood in Markneukirchen, the center of Saxonian violin and bow making, in approx. 1940 and has highly convincing musical properties. With its almost perfectly balanced weight the bow features excellent, active, nuanced and comfortable playing opportunities. The balance point feels slightly inclined towards the tip and is measured at 27.4 cm of the bow´s total length of 73.7 cm; its total weight is 60.1 g. The strong, octagonal stick has a nice set up with a nickel mounted ebony frog that is decorated with a mother-of-pearl eye, while the slide is shimmering white, rosé and green. A very suitable C. A. Hoyer quality bow featuring a clear and strong sound, at an economical price.

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