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Jean-Joseph Martin, Fine French violin bow - frog
Jean-Joseph Martin, Fine French violin bow - frog
Jean-Joseph Martin, Fine French violin bow - frog
Jean-Joseph Martin - violin bow head
Jean-Joseph Martin - violin bow head
Inventory No.: A18
Provenance: Mirecourt
Maker: Jean-Joseph Martin
Weight: 59.5 g
Year: approx. 1880

Jean-Joseph Martin for J. Hel, approx. 1880, Fine French violin bow (certificate J.-F. Raffin)

This fine French violin bow by Jean-Joseph Martin was made approx. 1880. Jean-Joseph Martin is considered a tragic figure of the 19th century world of French bow-making. He was a highly talented master craftsman who worked many years for the great Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume, yet he never seemed to have any luck in his own business endeavours. Ironically, from 1870 onward Jean-Joseph Martin helped to establish Thibouville-Lamy’s bow-making division, which grew to be one of his own worst competitors and thus contributed to the demise of Jean-Joseph Martin’s own atelier. The fine jean-Joseph Martin violin bow offered here was made for Joseph Hel, it features a "J. Hel" stamp on shaft above the frog and remarkanly, it retains its complete original fittings including the original screw and nut. The round stick of excellent strength and high tension produces a warm, large, French tone yet does it show useful bouncing abilities. The stick was crafted of red-orange pernambuco wood and set up with a fine, silver mounted ebony frog, that is decorated with a Pearl eye. This Jean-Joseph Martin violin bow has a weight of 59.5 g, with the sensed balance-point centered, slightly inclined towards the upper half of the stick which is 74.9 cm total length, and a measured balance-point at 24.7 cm including the length of the adjuster. Its large, warm and bright, French sound is exceptionally strong and worthy of its delicate provenance. The price includes a certificate of authenticity by J. F. Raffin Paris.

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