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Cello bows

Fine cello bows for sale: Corilon violins presents a selection of historic German and French cello bows which have the playing characteristics that meet your personal preferences and have the sound you want

Extended return guarantee for all christmas presents until January 15th, 2020

French Ary cello bow, Mirecourt approx. 1980 - frog

This strong French cello bow for sale was built in the Ary France workshop in approx. ...

Inventory No.: B802
Provenance: Mirecourt
Maker: Ary France
Weight: 78.6 g
Year: approx. 1980
Price: 600.00 €

Markneukirchen Cello bow, 1920s. Ebony frog with nickel mounts and Parisian eye.

This good quality cello bow was crafted in the 1960ies in the Saxon center of violin  ...

Inventory No.: B489
Provenance: Markneukirchen
Maker: Unknown
Weight: 80.4 g
Year: approx. 1960
Price: 650.00 €

Viol bow by H. R. Pfretzschner

This recommendable viol bow is a rare piece that was built in the mid 20th century in ...

Inventory No.: B901
Provenance: Markneukirchen
Maker: H. R. Pfretzschner
Weight: 46.3 g
Year: mid 20th century
Price: 950.00 €

F. Chalupetzky, cello bow approx. 1940 - frog

This excellent German cello bow was crafted approx. 1940 in the renowned workshop of  ...

Inventory No.: B321
Provenance: Dinkelsbühl
Maker: F. Chalupetzky
Weight: 82.9 g
Year: approx. 1940
Price: 990.00 €

Modern cello bow, A. R. Reichel

An exquisite masterpiece from the famous atelier of A. R. Reichel, this German cello  ...

Inventory No.: B927
Provenance: Germany
Maker: A. R. Reichel
Weight: 78.5 g
Year: approx. 1980
Price: 990.00 €

Fine cello bow from the 1920s - frog

An unknown bow maker selected light brown pernambuco for this fine cello bow, which w ...

Inventory No.: B432
Provenance: probably England
Maker: Unknown
Weight: 76.1 g
Year: approx. 1920
Price: 1,600.00 €

Fine lightweight English cello bow for virtuoso performance

This fine antique cello bow is dynamic and yet easily controlled, making it ideal for ...

Inventory No.: B582
Provenance: England
Maker: unknown
Weight: 70.0 g
Year: approx. 1920
Price: 1,600.00 €

August Rau cello bow

This old silver mounted cello was made in the workshop of August Rau and is one of A ...

Inventory No.: A115
Provenance: Markneukirchen
Maker: August Rau
Weight: 78.1 g
Year: mid 20th century
Price: 2,000.00 €

Gustav Prager, approx. 1930 - frog

This cello bow was crafted by Gotthard Schuster in the mid/end 20th century, and it i ...

Inventory No.: B714
Provenance: Bubenreuth
Maker: Gotthard Schuster
Weight: 75.0 g
Year: mid/end 20th century
Price: 2,000.00 €

Fine German Cello bow

This fine German master cello bow with a horn frog was crafted around 1920 in Markneu ...

Inventory No.: A114
Provenance: Germany
Maker: Unknown
Weight: 82.6 g
Year: approx. 1920
Price: 2,500.00 €

French cello bow by Nicolas Jacquot

This French cello bow is a rare and exceptionally fine piece by Nicolas Jacquot which ...

Inventory No.: B916
Provenance: Mirecourt
Maker: Nicolas Jacquot
Weight: 72.6 g
Year: circa 1835
Price: 4,000.00 €

Joseph Alfred Lamy père, Paris. Original stamp "A. Lamy a Paris"

This fine and excellent cello bow made approx. 1895 which has been kept in rare, near ...

Inventory No.: B823
Provenance: Paris
Maker: Joseph Alfred Lamy
Weight: 75.6 g
Year: approx. 1895
Price: 18,000.00 €

In some cello cases, the cello bow bides its time as an afterthought, a mere accessory which is often chosen only because so few other options are available in terms of cello bows. Especially for beginning cellists, however, the real question is whether their violoncello bow will be a stumbling block, if not an adversary, in their struggle to create a good sound, or if it will be a partner that will bring the violoncello's voice to life and forgive some of the inevitable errors that amateur musicians make. We apply high quality standards in selecting the fine premium-quality German, English and French cello bows for Corilon's online catalogue, and these same standards guide us in our search for older and historic cello bows at more affordable prices. This allows us to present you a hand-picked portfolio of cellos cello bows for sale in a broad price range, all of which are set up and ready to play, just like all of our other old stringed instruments and violin bows. Which of the cello bows for sale should I buy? Take a look at our guide to the use and proper care of a bow. We will be happy to help with recommendations of the best bows to match your cello. Fine German and French cello bows for sale at Corilon violins: 30 days returns, trade guarantee, optional certificate, each cello bow offered in perfect condition, professionally worked over and approved by our qualified violin makers. Follow the link to see some of the cello bows we have sold.

New arrivals in our catalogue
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  • SALE Antique violin. Saxony, c.1890
  • Fine 19th century violin, probably Vienna
  • Contemporary Italian viola, Guido Trotta, Cremona 1993
  • Luigi Vistoli, Italian violin made in 1943 (certificate Hieronymus Köstler)
  • Fine quality Czech master violin by Ladislav Prokop, 1941
  • SALE Contemporary Italian master violin by Nicola Vendrame, Venice
  • Antique violin, Schuster & Co. Markneukirchen 1916
  • Antique Saxon violin after J. Stainer,  c.1920
  • Fine antique Mittenwald violin, approx. 1880
  • Antique French violin. Made in approximately 1880
  • Interesting English violin no. 47 by Jeffery James Gilbert, 1886
  • Powerful Markneukirchen violin, approx. 1940. Stradivarius model
  • SALE Fine Baroque violin in original condition - circa 1800
  • SALE Violin by J.T.L., approx. 1900
  • Fine French soloist violin by Joseph Laurent Mast, 1823
  • Interesting, probably English violin. Circa 1800
  • SALE Fine Italian violin by Liuteria Luigi Mozzani, 1921, No. 47
  • SALE Modern Italian violin by Loris Lanini, 1927 (certificate by Machold)
  • SALE Master violin by Wenzl Fuchs, Erlangen
  • Fine violin by Joseph Kantuscher. Mittenwald, 1973 op. 308
  • French violin bow by Charles Alfred Bazin (certificate by J.-F. Raffin)
  • Fine Italian viola, Mario Bedocchi, 1922 (certificate by Eric Blot)
  • Italian violin, Romedio Muncher, Cremona 1929