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SALE Fine cello bow, copy of Eugene Sartory - frog
SALE Fine cello bow, copy of Eugene Sartory - frog
SALE Fine cello bow, copy of Eugene Sartory - frog
Cello bow after Eugene Sartory - head
Cello bow after Eugene Sartory - head
Inventory No.: B817
Provenance: Markneukirchen
Maker: Unknown master
Length of back: 79.2 g
Year: 1910/1920

Fine cello bow - After Eugene Sartory, Markneukirchen, 1910/1920

SALE This master cello bow of the finest quality was made around 1910/1920 in Markneukirchen as a close copy of the great Eugene Nicolas Sartory. A fine and perfectly preserved masterpiece that has a strong yet active octagonal stick that bears a faded "E. Sartory Paris" stamp on shaft, made of best quality dark pernambuco wood. The balance-point is sensed centered, slightly inclined towards the upper half allowing good control at the tip. This bow feels very comfortable and handy at play - yet it is a steady yet reactive player that produces a warm, precise, French sound. The balance point is measured at 24.6 cm, taken from the frog end including the adjuster. The neatly finished frog after Sartory features dark black ebony of the finest quality; the silver mounting with a white-greenish mother-of-pearle slide, a Parisian eye and one-part silver adjuster is a classical decoration. Like all instruments and bows in our catalogue, this fine masterpiece is first choice for professional musicians and demanding players, it had been completely worked-over and is now offered ready to play.

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3,000.00 €

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