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Corilon violins customer reviews - authentic feedback we are adding sporadically to this site.

Many of our clients send us feedback when they have received our instruments: they send us musical greetings from around the world which create new chapters in the history of our instruments. These message inspire us day by day as we select premium new arrivals for our catalogue, set them up at our workshop and consult with musicians who have sophisticated standards.

Corilon violins's reviews at fiddle hangout

Unsworth violin is arrived, in perfect condition, it is a fantastic violin, a very master work, very beautiful instrument, with fantastic very powerful soloist sound, rich in overtones, with great projection in every large hall.
The F.C. Pfretschner violin bow, is very strong, perfect balanced, perfect for Unsworth violin.
[***Note: this bow was selected and recommended by Corilon violins to work well with the violin] Thank you very much and Best Regards for you.
M. G. (Italy)

Hello Mrs Roeben!
We received the parcel. We are very pleased, the instrument is very good, definitely surpassed our expectations!
It is very probable that we’ll make more orders in the future!
Thank you so much and success to your business
Regards, V. U. (Russia)

Dear Dr Roeben,
The violin was delivered today. I am having much pleasure playing the instrument which sounds marvellous.
Thank you for the excellent service you have provided.
R. S. (UK)

Dear Dr Roeben,
the violin is already in Pag and everything is perfect.
Thank you very much and greetings from Croatia,

I wanted to let you know the violin arrived this week and I have been enjoying it very much! I was amazed to see what beautiful condition it arrived in, it was nearly in tune straight out of the box!
it is an interesting instrument - definitely worth the gamble of ordering online without a chance to play it first - though I also have to say that your listening samples on the website had a lot of depth to them... and what I heard in this violin from that recording, a certain particular kind of focus, is truly here.
so thank you very much, and I appreciate the excellent service and quality!
S. (U.S.A.)

Dear Dr Roeben,
Received the Ludwig Glasel violin and the Thoma silver bow, they look beautiful. After putting kids to bed, I had only a very little while looking at them and played them for a couple minutes, the sound was charming too. I am glad I made the decision to purchase them from you.
Daniel (Hong Kong)

This is my second violin ordered from you. My son is very happy with the 1/2 violin - charming red French Mansuy violin Inventory No. 3003 bought last November. This one will be passed to my younger daughter and my son is picking this new one up. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
V. C. (Hong Kong)

to Dr Annette Roeben
the violin ordered arrived at home yesterday December 13th. Very good packaging.
We can actually read under the string of E the inscription Nicolas aïné, handwriten
The first contact is good with a length of the body a little unusual.
But I knew it.
The general appearance is very good ( very few scratches ) and I like the color of the varnish.
It's a fine violin in the tradition of French violinmakers like Lupot or Gand, We had at home a Gand-Bernardel violin (circa 1880 ?) which I returned to its American owner two months ago.
I am now going to tame this violin
The sound is interesting : deep, sweet and powerful at the same time
Something like "suave" in french
best regards
A. B. (France)

Hi, This week I received the violin.
I can say that it is exactly what I have been looking for. It looks stunning and the sound is just perfect!
Thank you!
M. S. (Malta)

Dr. Roeben, i got my violin yesterday! It is AMAZING and it was in PERFECT condition. I wanted to thank you for the great service and support you provided. I will totally recommend you to everyone i know :) .

Dear Dr. Roeben,
The violin has arrived safely. The packing is very professional. Thank you very much. Best regards / N. (Vietnam)

Dear Dr. Roeben,
I arrived late last night to Riyadh and I was anxious to try the violin. The sound is beautiful, somehow it is now more sweet and melting than before.
Just out of curiosity and so I can learn, what caused the improvement in sound?
M. H. (Saudi Arabia)

Dear Dr. Roeben,
I am very satisfied with the 1/2 size violin I bought last time from your recommendation. My daughter increasingly enjoy playing with it day by day. She did well in her solo competition and school orchestra competition this year. She came second in the grade 2 violin solo in the 69th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival and the school orchestra she was in came first in both the String Orchestra and the Symphony Orchestra section. I was very pleased with the result and thank you for recommending an affordable but yet reasonable good quality 1/2 violin for her.
Now I am planning to buy a 3/4 violin for her for next year's playing. I have reviewed all the 3/4 violins you have posted in the past year and found this violin sounded really exceptional [...]
P. C. (Hong Kong)

Dear Dr Roeben
I received the violin , very nice . Thank you for your service .
Best wish
L. K. (China)

Dear Dr Roeben,
The package arrived yesterday, meticulously packed and with a beautiful bow. Thank you so much! Josephine cannot wait to get to know it better. That I got to learn all the scientific names of the woods that make it up was a bonus... Thanks for all your help, as ever. Best, E. (U.S.A.)

Dear Dr. Roeben:
I want to tell you how very much pleased I am with the P. Dorfel violin I purchased from Corilon Violins. I love playing it and find it hard to put away.
I have owned some fine instruments when I played professionally for many years. I have never tried a violin from a shop that was given to me for trial in such beautiful condition. Even a couple of the best US shops sent out instruments with ill fitting bridges, sound posts too far back of the bridge, and with old strings.
The violin I purchased from you was not only perfect in setup, but polished, as well.
I love the Dorfel violin. It continues to improve in tone and response as I play it every day and is exceptionally even.
I have never before played Tonica strings. I like them very much, as they are very warm and resonant, but I need to know which strings you put on my Doefel, as I recently found that they could be either the older Tonicas or the “New Formula” Tonicas. If you have the time I would love to know which they are, as I would like to purchase the same strings when necessary. Also, I cannot tell if those on the Dorfel are silver or aluminum D strings.
Any information as to the strings would be most appreciated.
I am telling everyone I know about your wonderful company and instruments.
Very best regards, N. H. = (U.S.A.)

I received my violin and bow on Friday and after letting it acclimate to Oklahoma, have found it to be everything I wanted from a violin. It fit perfectly to my smaller hands and fingers and the sound was absolutely what I expected. Thank you for all your guidance in finding the best suited bow. It is a nice balance for my style of playing. I have already shared my acquisition with a fellow violinist. She found my purchase to be a nice compliment for me.
Again thank you for your help with my purchase.
C. W. (U.S.A.)

Dr. Roeben,
I'm happy to report the violin arrived late this evening, and in good condition. It looks beautiful, even better than as shown on the website! We'll evaluate it in the coming days and let you know if we decide to keep or return it. But, my son already loves it.
On a personal note, I've been following your website for two years now and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your extensive selection of old European violins because in San Antonio, the selection is limited to mostly Chinese violins. When it comes time to upgrade, I think we'll come to Munich! Thanks so much!
M. (U.S.A.)

Dear Madam Roeben:
Thank you very much for the additional papers on the violin.
My husband and I love the P. Dorfel violin and I am going to keep it. It has a wonderful tone, warm and powerful, which continues to improve as I play it more and more.
My husband found your company and the violin on the internet. The sound sample of your violins was such a help and the price is well under a P. Dorfel violin offered at a shop in Philadelphia, PA.
Very best wishes,
N. H.= (U.S.A.)

Dear Dr. Roeben,
I recently purchased a Richardson bow and a gorgeous 1920's Czech Bohemian violin from your workshop. I am thrilled with the quality of these items, and the professionalism of the delivery - the violin arrived in Australia in near-perfect pitch, and was immediately a joy to play. And the bow is perfectly weighted, as described, and has deeply enriched my playing.
I have in my possession another violin, a 1902 Paul Arno Voigt (Manchester) [...]
J. I. (Australia)

I am enjoying my violin. Thank you very much for instrument. In the next year I maybe come again. Good luck and best wishes in your business!
D. G. (Russia)

Firstly thank you for such a gorgeous instrument. I've absolutely fallen in love. However, I am having to tune the instrument every day quite a bit - but I suppose this is because of new strings? May I ask what the strings are as well please?
Anyway aside from this small issue which will surely resolve itself the more I play, I couldn't be any happier with my purchase. Thank you very much.
D. (UK)

Dear Dr Roeben,
The violin arrived in good shape today! My daughter tunes and plays it nicely without any problem?The sound quality and the outlook of the violin are both better than I expected while it is less weighty compared to my other full size violin! I am glad to have it and thank you for your advice!
Best regards
J. C.

Dear Dr. Roeben,
The Breton violin was delivered on Friday and was in perfect condition. Besides being safely delivered, your setup of the violin also survived the trip and it is every bit as lively and resonant as you described. This 3/4 violin more than matches my 4/4 for volume, sustain and beautiful overtones. My son is ecstatic with it and how easy it is to play. Thank you for all your help with this, I look forward to shopping with you again when the time comes.
B. W.

Dr Annette Roeben,
Thank you for your response and kind offer. It makes perfect sense. I always wondered why it felt so light, and yes, the sound is very good- it is my teacher's favorite! Thank you for you offer of compensation, but I have a luthier who I think can help me with this, and that will not be necessary. I do not want to change what this violin is, and will keep the hardwood.

I also want to give a good report about my 1950 unlabeled German violin. It's sound has opened up after daily playing. I found that it needed to have the sound drawn out of it, and cannot be played hard. Because my technique has improved, I am able to do that, and it has rewarded me with amazing tone qualities and projection. It has clear, bell like tones that are pure. Another interesting thing is that it can be played with a bow that is completely un-tensioned and give stunning overtones. (done by mistake). It is VERY interesting! It must be the tone woods as you described.

When I am ready to upgrade, I will surely come back to Corilon.
D. H.
Arizona, USA

Dear Dr. Roeben
I have received my violin couple of days ago and very happy with packaging and all and excited to get started!
L. (Saudi Arabia)

Dear Dr Roeben,
Yes the condition of the violin is very good and I particularly like the golden colour! Its very eye catching.
My son already tried on the violin, he likes it very much. Surely it will take some time for him to get the best out of it.
Really appreciated your professional help.
Merry Christmas!

Dear Dr Röben
Thank you very much indeed for my order. It arrived without fuss or frustration (unlike most of my orders from much larger online retailers), beautifully & carefully packed along with the bow. My violin teacher had certain reservations about me ordering a new fiddle over the internet but I think she will be happy, as I indeed am, extremely so, with your products and service.
Many, many thanks
J. S.C. (Hamburg)

Dear Dr. Roeben:
The sound of this violin is wonderful.
I would like to thank you for your original recommendation.
Best regards, D.-H. (Taiwan)

I just wanted to let you know I received the violin yesterday and am already in love with it's beautiful rich tone, even after limited play. It is even more beautiful than I could have hoped for, both in tone and appearance.
The quality and color of the varnish is simply magical and amazing, even more so in person. Pictures certainly did not do it justice.
I am so appreciative of the work that you do, giving old violins new life and finding them homes where they can truly be appreciated, cherished, and loved for the amazing unique treasures that they are.
Thank you for sending me such an amazing instrument that is truly a work of art. Had it been me, I would've found it impossible to part with it. I am so grateful you are willing to to share.
It is dedinitely an inspiration and I look forward to working hard enough to be worthy of such a spectacular violin.
Best Regards,
N. S. (United States)

Hello Dr Roeben
The violin arrived yesterday and I just wanted to tell you how much I already love it! It's absolutely incredible and the tonal quality is powerful yet very rich and beautiful.- so easy to play...
Thanks you so much
Very best
K. (UK)

Hello Dr. Roeben,
I am so glad to share with you that our private violin teacher loves the violin with one word "Supper"! The violin teacher is one of the best violinist in Austin studied in Moscow with Kogan. He is very pleased with your instrument.
In fact, I recommended one of my student who purchased one of of your hundred years old cello last year. We love it and I started to pay a close attention to your company. You might have more buyers from my students every year now on.
[...] Your lovely violin arrived just on time. My daughter will have a competitive violin competition next month. This beautiful violin will help her indeed. Again, thank you very much for your excellent work.
F. Z. (United States)

Dear Dr Roeben,
I had a great experience visiting Corilon violins and my son loves the violin we chose. I would like to ask master violin maker Bernhard D. Fischer if the violin case that came with the violin has a key to it? I forgot to ask about it, and if a key is available it will be great!
Thank you!
Best regards
D. H.

Hi Corilon,
I just received my Large-sized English violin. I have to say the violin is beautiful from the design to the sounds just like the description on your website. The sounds project clearly, bright and loudly. The Pirastro Tonica works on the violin very well. I love the violin a lot!!! Thank you for selling an amazing instrument, Van (Vietnam)

The violin bow arrived safely, and I am very happy with it. The description was accurate and it has all the qualities I was looking for. Thank you!!!
Best wishes,
Diego R. (Japan)

Dear Dr. Roeben,
The instrument is arrived at my room on 7th April 2016.
How beautiful and resonant voice it has!
I am so pleased it and appreciated to get acquainted with a new friend.
Thank you.
M. M. (Japan)

First off, thank you for my beautiful violin! I love it so much! I was trying out a violin that was priced at $16,000.00, and everyone who heard my violin from Corilon, liked mine better than the more expensive instrument. So, thank you again!

With kind regards,
D. E.

Dear Dr. Roeben,
I received my violin two weeks ago and am thrilled with it beyond words. It sounds so much better than my original Chinese violin; in fact my Chinese violin sounds as if it is being played from the inside of a box compared to this instrument. I know this Mirecourt represents the very low end of your instruments, though to me it is nothing short of amazing. I often just hold it and look at it wondering its history these last 115 years. I like that it appears quite dirty/aged inside and even the label which says, 'Antonius Stradivarius Cremona Facibat Anno 1690' rather than the label from where the instrument was manufactured is fascinating to me. Not sure why they would place such a label there, rather than their factory.
Instead of taking up more of your valuable time, I want to express my gratitude for your assistance and recommendations. I will absolutely sing the praises of Corilon and am thrilled with my purchase. Thank you very much!! Best regards,
J. V.W.

Dear Dr Roeben,
Yesterday i've received in perfect condition the violin, i think it's a very good sound instrument, strong and resonant, at 650 euro it's a sort of miracle! To my musicians friends i suggest certainly Corilon instruments.
Best regards
S. T. / Bologna

Hello Dr Roeben ,
Just a quick note to let you know that the Mirecourt bow I purchased for a friend has arrived in NZ safely and has been deemed to be a most acceptable gift.
Thank you for your assistance.
Kind regards,
E. S.

Dear Dr. Annette T. M. Roeben,
It was a long journey. The violin has arrived just now.
I am much satisfied with this violin. Good sound and nice appearance!
Thank you very much.
Best regards,
E. T.

Dear Corilon Violins,

I have been playing the Romedio Muncher violin now for nearly a month and I would like to let you know that I am extremely pleased with my choice of violin and hope to be playing it for many years.
I would like to thank your team for the hospitality that I found when I arrived and the assistance to ensure that I chose the right instrument for me.
It would be useful for me to know what restoration was done by Corilon on this Violin and if you know of any history behind it that you may be aware of.
Also, if I know of anyone else looking to buy a violin, I will direct them to your website.
Best Regards,

Dear Corilon,

Friday it is arrived the violin. I like it so much, i am really happy.
Thanks a lot!
S. B.

Dear Dr. R.,

I have received today the violin, ahead of the suggested delivery day. It's a beautiful instrument and I'm glad I listened to your advice. :)
Thank you very much for your recommendation and for your good service.
M. H.

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