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Fine viola by Ferdinand Kugler, Vienna, 1973 - top
Fine viola by Ferdinand Kugler, Vienna, 1973 - top
Fine viola by Ferdinand Kugler, Vienna, 1973 - back
Fine viola by Ferdinand Kugler, Vienna, 1973 - back
Fine viola by Ferdinand Kugler, Vienna, 1973 - ribs
Fine viola by Ferdinand Kugler, Vienna, 1973 - ribs
Fine viola by Ferdinand Kugler, Vienna, 1973 - scroll
Fine viola by Ferdinand Kugler, Vienna, 1973 - scroll
Inventory No.: A96
Provenance: Vienna
Maker: Ferdinand Kugler
Length of back: 40.5 cm
Year: 1973

From the estate of Prof. Günter Szkokan: Fine viola by Ferdinand Kugler, Vienna, 1973

This fine Viennese master viola by Ferdinand Kugler was especially made for Prof. Günter Szkokan (violist of Vienna Philharmonics) from whose estate this viola comes. This beautiful viola is a younger instrument with a typical Viennese appearance, that features a convenient body length of 40.95 cm and is especially recommendable for demanding musicians. The original label indicates that the instrumnent was made 1973, it is the viola named "Iterum Illata" which was especially made for Prof. Szkokan. A beautiful rounded model and the characteristically shaped ff-holes, the beautiful scroll, edgework and the trich and very glossy, deep dark red colored oil varnish clearly confirm its provenance from an elegant Vienesse atelier. Maple with exceptionally beautiful flames was chosen for the two-piece back of this attractive instrument. This viola is offered ready to play, with a convincing sound that is both warm and precise, mature, lyrical, well-balanced and precise. We offer the matching silver mounted viola bow by E. L. Herrmannthat was selected by Prof. Szkokan for this viola separately for purchase.

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