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Sebastian Dalinger, Viennese violin made in 1798 - top
Sebastian Dalinger, Viennese violin made in 1798 - top
Sebastian Dalinger, Viennese violin made in 1798 - top
Sebastian Dalinger, 1798 (certificate H. Köstler) - maple back
Sebastian Dalinger, 1798 (certificate H. Köstler) - maple back
Provenance: Vienna
Maker: Sebastian Dalinger
Length of back: 35.3 cm
Year: 1798

Sebastian Dalinger, Viennese violin made in 1798 (certificate Hieronymus Köstler)

This late work of the old Viennese school of violin making came from Sebastian Dalinger, and it is indubitably one of his most beautiful pieces. It was crafted in the year 1798, as the dated original label confirms, and it reflects Dalinger's faithful orientation towards the historical masters Jakob Stainer and Johann Georg Thir. In this breathtakingly well-executed instrument, he masterfully communicates the influence they had on his work. The exquisite deep flaming of the one-piece maple back and ribs are accentuated by a golden-brown transparent varnish; this fine violin ranks amongst the lighter-coloured instruments Sebastian Dalinger created, and within his oeuvre they are regarded as being of especially high quality. The broad purfling shapes the aesthetic of the well-preserved violin, which has traces of use and repairs in keeping with its age; one such repair occurred at the scroll, which at some point in time was replaced with another piece crafted by an unknown artist. The luthiers at our atelier for restoration performed all of the work on the top and back with meticulous professionalism to preserve the exceptionally good sound of this rare historic violin. They paid particular attention to a soundpost crack on the back which was painstakingly patched and thus has no impact whatsoever on the sound. Its sophisticated, large sound is rich in timbre, and with its powerful complexity and well-rounded character, it is recommended for demanding musicians. With a certificate of authenticity issued by the renowned expert Hieronymus Köstler, Stuttgart.

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