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Violin by Braun & Hauser München, approximately 1900
Violin by Braun & Hauser München, approximately 1900
- back
- back
- side
- side
- scroll
- scroll
Provenance: München
Maker: Braun & Hauser
Length of back: 35.5 cm
Year: approx. 1900
Tone: Bright, clear, warm, open

Violin by Braun & Hauser München, approximately 1900

Preserved in excellent condition, this good violin is a solid example of the Mittenwald violin-making tradition, and its stands out not only due to its elegant appearance but because of its warm, brilliant sound. It ranks amongst the instruments which the highly-esteemed Munich atelier of Braun & Hauser commissioned from carefully chosen ateliers in Mittenwald and then fit with its own label. A mildly-flamed maple of great beauty and high quality was selected for the two-piece back, whereas the top is of premium moderately-grained spruce. The instrument was patterned after a classic Guarnerius design, and the purfling reflects the work of a well-trained and steady hand. Minor and insignificant scratching to the light golden-orange varnish is visible around the bridge. This lovely violin is a quality instrument in outstanding condition, and it was made ready to play in our restoration atelier. Its resonant sound is compelling, with a bright, warm and clear character.

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