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H. Derazey workshop, late 19th century French violin - top
H. Derazey workshop, late 19th century French violin - top
H. Derazey workshop, late 19th century French violin - top
H. Derazey workshop, late 19th century French violin - back
H. Derazey workshop, late 19th century French violin - back
Atelier H. Derazey, violon francais 19eme - eclisses
Atelier H. Derazey, violon francais 19eme - eclisses
Atelier H. Derazey, violon francais 19eme - volute
Atelier H. Derazey, violon francais 19eme - volute
Inventory No.: 5176
Provenance: Mirecourt
Maker: Jean-Joseph Honoré Derazey workshop
Length of back: 36.8 cm
Year: late 19th century

H. Derazey workshop, large 19th century French violin

This late-period violin from the workshop of Jean-Joseph Honoré Derazey in Mirecourt is a large instruments suitable for male players with a strong neck and an outstandingly powerful voice that is bright, resonant and rich in timbre. It was crafted in Honore Derazey's workshop around the time Justin Derazey prepared to take over the workshop after the death of Honore in 1883. Its elegant, unmistakable French appearance is determined by the elegance of the work, the elegant scroll, the rich, luminous orange-brown oil varnish that features antique patina and typical traces of the violin´s high age, and finally by the excellent choice of tonewoods. Several later applied Vuillaume brandstamps that are not original ephasize the great importance some former owners attributed to the musical features of their instrument. This H. Derazey workshop violin testifies to the high demand for instruments made by this precious master who, as a young luthier, was one of the closest employees of the legendary Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume; in the course of his career, Honore Derazey won numerous medals for instruments he exhibited in Paris and London. It is one of the good workshop instruments that are not equal in sophistication to master pieces such as this fine nasterpiece of a Honore Derazey violin - and so it comes out as a rare opportunity to obtain a Honore Derazey workshop violin at an affordable price. The violin's deeply flamed one-piece back and top of medium-grained maple reflect the flawless and confident work of Derazey's workshop experience; the instrument is based upon his preferred model and patterned after large bodied Stradivari. The transparent red-orange varnish with delicate nuances of orange and red shows eloquent traces of use by earlier generations of musicians who clearly appreciated this violin and used it to perform demanding repertoire. After having been meticulously set up by the specialists at our atelier for restoration, this Derazey workshop violin is now ready to play, and we recommend it because of its radiant sound and its immediate and highly compelling response.

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