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Italian violin, Luigi Auciello, Milano 1924
Italian violin, Luigi Auciello, Milano 1924
Back view, Luigi Auciello Milanese violin
Back view, Luigi Auciello Milanese violin
Provenance: Milano
Maker: Luigi Auciello
Length of back: 36.1 cm
Year: 1924

Italian violin, Luigi Auciello, Milano 1924

An unmistakable representative of the Milanese school, this modern Italian violin was made in 1924 by Luigi Auciello, a master luthier who hailed from the southern Italian city of Molfetta but spent most of his life in Milan. This violin has a superb and brilliant sound as well as a distinctive and refined aesthetic, an expressive illustration of the high craftsman standards with which Luigi Auciello had long since established a good name for himself. The numerous awards he won in Genoa and Turin serve as further confirmation of his mastery. This upright model used for this instrument has short corners and leaves no doubt about its Milanese provenance; another typical characteristic for 20th-century instruments from this region is the slight tinge of green in the thick orange varnish. Narrow and delicately carved sound holes not only prove Auciello's experience and painstaking approach; they also demonstrate his particular interest in the acoustic impact that this artisanal detail has. In selecting the tone woods, he showed a great deal of restraint by Italian standards, choosing gently flamed maple for the two-piece back that is lovely in its simplicity. The petite scroll is an attractive carving which reflects Auciello's personal style above and beyond any clichés about Italian characteristics. At our atelier for restoration, the well-preserved violin was meticulously set up and made ready to play; a high quality repair to the top is reflected in the low price of the instrument but does not in any way affect its outstanding, clear voice full of timbre. Demanding musicians will be persuaded by the warm, flattering character in its lower registers and the radiant brilliance in its higher notes.

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