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Fine Viennese Cello by J. C. Leidolf (Leidolff), Vienna 1732
Fine Viennese Cello by J. C. Leidolf (Leidolff), Vienna 1732
Fine Viennese Cello by J. C. Leidolf (Leidolff), Vienna 1732
Provenance: Vienna
Maker: J. C. Leidolf (Leidolff)
Length of back: 74.8 cm
Year: 1732

Fine Viennese Cello by J. C. Leidolf (Leidolff), Vienna 1732

This fine Viennese cello by Johann Christoph Leidolf (Leidolff) is a truly rare instrument and an uncommon representative of early 18th-century music culture. It was crafted in 1732, as is confirmed by the original label inside the 74.8 cm long body. This is a typical example of the instruments Leidolf made for the imperial court chapel, the style which shaped the world of Viennese music in its day. The unique model reflects the artisanal principles of the older school of Viennese violin making, and it shows no evidence of Stradivari's influence. A standard hallmark of Leidolf's craft is the heavily darkened, nearly black varnish which, in keeping with the cello's advanced age, was touched up at several different spots. Several nuanced repairs were done with the greatest of care, including a grafted scroll and a patch which properly covers a crack in the back. These meticulous restorations indicate the high esteem in which the cello's previous owners held the instrument, and we fully share their opinion. This is an extremely interesting instrument which is now ready to play after having been carefully set up by the specialist luthiers at our studio.

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