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Fine violin. Made by Alexandre Delanoy (Vuillaume student). Spruce top.
Fine violin. Made by Alexandre Delanoy (Vuillaume student). Spruce top.
Fine violin. Made by Alexandre Delanoy (Vuillaume student). Spruce top.
Maple back: Fine French violin by Alexandre Delanoy, Bordeaux
Maple back: Fine French violin by Alexandre Delanoy, Bordeaux
Maple ribs: French violin by Alexandre Delanoy
Maple ribs: French violin by Alexandre Delanoy
Violin scroll: instrument by Alexandre Delanoy
Violin scroll: instrument by Alexandre Delanoy
Provenance: Bordeaux
Maker: Alexandre Delanoy
Length of back: 35.6 cm
Year: 1900
Tone: Warm, large, matured

Fine violin, Alexandre Delanoy, Bordeaux made in 1900

This masterpiece of the French art of violin making represents the school of the great Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume and the dominant influence it had upon multiple generations of excellent luthiers. This instrument, which was made in 1900, was created by Alexandre Delanoy, a student of Charles Louis Buthod, the manager of the legendary J. B. Vuillaume workshop and considered to be one of his closest employees. Delanoy also made his way into the nucleus of modern French violin making and worked for Vuillaume for three years; later Delanoy stated that he regarded Vuillaume as his real teacher and paid him tribute on violin labels by calling himself "elève de J. B. Vuillaume." Alexandre Delanoy's pride was justified, since the principles of Vuillaume's violin model had a profound influence on him, as this instrument expressively demonstrates. The wonderfully luminous orange-red oil varnish is the most conspicuous attribute of the many which reflect Delanoy's fidelity to his great role model, a faithfulness that defines this exceptionally fine work down to the last detail. With its top of finely to moderately grained spruce and the one-piece back made of strikingly flamed top-quality maple, the instrument combines the acoustic and aesthetic qualities of excellent tone woods to form a harmonious whole which is equally compelling to the eye and ear. The charming historic patina and in particular the interesting traces of use both testify to the violin's long history in which it was obviously played often and consistently shown the greatest care and proper maintenance by its previous owners. The original label and Alexandre Delanoy's brandmark authenticate the provenance of this violin, which indeed looks like a small Vuillaume – and it fully honours this tradition with its warm, large voice which has matured for over 100 years. In completely setting up this instrument at our workshop, our objective was to preserve its multifaceted character and allow its full spectrum to develop; as a result this beautifully maintained musical rarity is now ready to play and is eagerly waiting for a new chapter in its history.

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