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Fine cello bow. Joseph Alfred Lamy père, Paris. Original stamp "A. Lamy a Paris" on shaft. Silver mounted ebyon frog with Parisian eye.
Fine cello bow. Joseph Alfred Lamy père, Paris. Original stamp "A. Lamy a Paris" on shaft. Silver mounted ebyon frog with Parisian eye.
Cello bow head by Joseph Alfred Lamy, Paris.
Cello bow head by Joseph Alfred Lamy, Paris.
Inventory No.: B823
Provenance: Paris
Maker: Joseph Alfred Lamy
Length of back: 75.6 g
Year: approx. 1895

Fine cello bow, Joseph Alfred Lamy père, Paris, c.1895 (certificate J.-F. Raffin)

This fine and excellent cello bow made approx. 1895 which has been kept in rare, nearly-new condition is a mature work from the oeuvre of the influential French bow maker Joseph Alfred Lamy père, who made it around 1895 in Paris. Joseph Alfred Lamy père is considered to have built a figurative bridge between the French tradition of bow making and contemporary instruments; he further developed the classical templates of François Xavier Tourte and Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume whilst also adapting their best properties to the shifting musical standards of the 20th century. The artisanry with which the thick round stick of orange-brown pernambuco was crafted demonstrates the masterful confidence and sensitivity Lamy père acquired and continued to refine in the course of his five decades of experience. The outstanding features of this bow, which bears the original brand mark “A. LAMY A PARIS,” are a perfect match for its magnificent musical quality: the bow’s bright, clear and radiant sound has a brilliant typically French character, as does the exceptionally delicate craftsmanship evident in the ebony frog with a mother-of-pearl eye and a three-piece button. Its balance point feels as if it were located somewhat towards the top half of the stick and measures at 25.3 cm of the total length of 70.8 cm (including the button). Sophisticated cellists will appreciate this bow with its active and dynamic nature, its good grip and the rich strength it offers in a wide variety of different performance settings. A certificate of authenticity and evaluation for € 25,000 by J.-F. Raffin is included in the price.

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