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Fine Milanese violin from the Liuteria Italiana Luigi Mozzani
Fine Milanese violin from the Liuteria Italiana Luigi Mozzani
Fine Milanese violin from the Liuteria Italiana Luigi Mozzani
Maple back - Luigi Mozzani violin
Maple back - Luigi Mozzani violin
Violin ribs, Luigi Mozzani violin
Violin ribs, Luigi Mozzani violin
Luigi Mozzani Maple scroll
Luigi Mozzani Maple scroll
Inventory No.: 4773
Provenance: Milano
Maker: Luigi Mozzani
Length of back: 35.5 cm
Year: 1921

Fine Italian violin by Luigi Mozzani, 1921, No. 47

When Italian multi-instrumentalist and guitar maker Luigi Mozzani began crafting stringed instruments around 1910, he refused to make any compromises in terms of quality – and won over Carlo Carletti as a partner, a student of Fiorini, Pollastri and Sofritti who had deep roots in one of the greatest traditions of modern Italian violin making. Consequently, the Mozzani workshop quickly evolved into an extremely interesting venue for sophisticated musicians thanks to its comparatively small but exclusive selection of stringed instruments; this 1921 violin No. 47 was made in Milan and is a strikingly lovely and acoustically excellent representative of what Liuteria Italiana Luigi Mozzani created. Its outstanding quality is evident upon a single glance at the deep tight flames of the two-piece maple back and the fine to moderate grain of the spruce top. The refined narrow model shows meticulous work down to the finest detail, even in the charming and playfully shaped sound holes and the deeply carved scroll, whilst the luminous orange-brown varnish reflects the sensitive aesthetic style of an experienced luthier who effectively showcase the luring appeal of this varnish. Italian string instruments are known and sought after for having a typical soft note, and here it perfects the mature, clear and timbre-rich sound of this violin. Radiant and powerful, the voice accentuates the quality of this instrument, which made its way to us in crack-free condition and with Mozzani‘s original label. It has now been comprehensively set up to place its acoustic and technical properties in their finest light, and we warmly recommend it as a worthy selection within this price tier.

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15000.0 €

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