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Fine French master violin. No 283 by Gustave Villaume, Nancy 1931
Fine French master violin. No 283 by Gustave Villaume, Nancy 1931
Two piece Maple back of a 1931 Gustave Villaume violin
Two piece Maple back of a 1931 Gustave Villaume violin
Eclisses - violon de Gustave Villaume a Nancy
Eclisses - violon de Gustave Villaume a Nancy
Provenance: Nancy
Maker: Gustave Villaume
Length of back: 35.8 cm
Year: 1931

Fine French violin No 283 by Gustave Villaume, Nancy 1931

A fine French violin by Gustave Villaume (*1899). This fine violin number 283 bears the original dated and numbered label and a brandstamp on the back. Gustave Villaume studied with Leon Mougenot and Gand and is the winner of three silver medals in Mirecourt in 1911, 1912 und 1913. The typical model is after Guarnerius. The wonderfully patinated varnish is a rich and transparent oil varnish of a bright golden yellow color. Strong, bright and mature with warmth and character is the sound of this especially beautiful piece by Gustave Villaume violin which is preserved undamaged, crackfree in perfect condition.


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