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Charming antique French violin, Marque Apparut, 1936
Charming antique French violin, Marque Apparut, 1936
Charming antique French violin, Marque Apparut, 1936
Marque Apparut: French violin of Mirecourt, back side
Marque Apparut: French violin of Mirecourt, back side
Inventory No.: 5144
Provenance: Mirecourt
Maker: probably J.T.L.
Length of back: 35.7 cm
Year: 1936

French violin, "Marque Apparut", 1936

This charming French violin "Marque Apparut" is a beautiful antique instrument after Antonio Stardivari of the early 20th century, that was built in the famous French violin making town of Mirecourt. This violin, a Stradivarius copy that is labelled accordingly and dated 1936, was very successfully crafted of perfectly chosen tonewoods, with a beautiful glossy varnish of orange-brown color over a golden-yellow ground. Slight traces from playing complete the appearance of this good French violin, that is preserved with only a most minor repair to the outer right f-wing in crack-free condition. This recommendable antique French violin was - like all Corilon instruments - worked over by our luthiers, approved it and who set it up and made it ready to play. We highly recommend its charming sound, that is of a bright and warm character, clear and sonorous and with beautiful resonance and good strength.


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