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Rare Italian 3/4 violin, Monzino & Figli, Milano - top
Rare Italian 3/4 violin, Monzino & Figli, Milano - top
Old Italian 3/4 violin, Milan - back
Old Italian 3/4 violin, Milan - back
Old Italian 3/4 violin, Monzino & Figli Milano - side
Old Italian 3/4 violin, Monzino & Figli Milano - side
Italian 3/4 violin, Monzino & Figli, Milano - scroll
Italian 3/4 violin, Monzino & Figli, Milano - scroll
Provenance: Milano
Maker: A. Monzino & Figli
Length of back: 33.3 cm
Year: approx. 1940

3/4 - rare Italian 3/4 violin by A. Monzino & Figli

3/4-sized Italian violins are extremely rare and are seldom found on the market, particularly those which feature a full, distinctive tone despite their small size, as is the case with this 3/4 Italian violin. The sound is bright, rich in overtones, yet with the slightly mellow note for which Italian iviolins are famous. The 3/4 Italian violin’s musical properties attest to its provenance from the renowned A. Monzino & Figli atelier in Milano, whose original label and stamp it bears. We offer this Italian violin in perfect, crack-free condition with minor retouches to the gentle, liberally applied, dark orange-red oil varnish. A fine and rare instrument for talented young musicians, in best undamaged condition, as all Corilon instruments worked over and offered ready to play.

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