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antique Czech/Bohemian violin, by Brandner Schönbach - top
antique Czech/Bohemian violin, by Brandner Schönbach - top
antique Czech/Bohemian violin, by Brandner Schönbach - top
Czech/Bohemian violin, by Brandner Schönbach - back
Czech/Bohemian violin, by Brandner Schönbach - back
Inventory No.: 4390
Provenance: Schönbach
Maker: Joh. Brandner
Length of back: 35.9 cm
Year: 1910 circa
Tone: Warm, bright, mature

Antique Czech/Bohemian violin, by Joseph Brandner Schönbach

This recommendable Czech violin by Joseph Brandner was handmade around 1910 in Schönbach in the region now sometimes called "Musicon Valley," i.e. the Schönbach-Markneukirchen-Klingenthal "Musikwinkel" around the Czech-German border. This originally labeled instrument is a good quality piece that was hand-crafted well on teh Stainer model; its quality and sound place it far beyond compare with other, newer (usually of Chinese origin) instruments in its price range. The light brown varnish with patination and signs from use suggest that the violin has been very well taken care of. The instrument has been kept in very good undamaged condition and has been professionally worked over adjusted by our luthier - we offer it in ready to play condition. The violin's balanced and strong high quality sound is warm and mature and radiant in the upper ranges and deserves our recommendation in the price range.

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