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Fine Czech violin
Fine Czech violin
Fine Czech violin
Fine Czech master violin  violin back
Fine Czech master violin  violin back
Fine Czech master violin - violin ribs
Fine Czech master violin - violin ribs
Fine Czech master violin - violin scroll
Fine Czech master violin - violin scroll
Inventory No.: 5147
Provenance: Schönbach
Maker: Unknown
Length of back: 35,9 cm
Year: 1930

Attractive old Czech violin, 1930's (certificate Löbner)

This fine Czech violin is an outstanding beauty, that was built by an unknown maker in Schönbach in the1930's. The top was made of well-chosen medium grained spruce and the delicately flamed one piece maple back features mysterious aesthetics under the rich and transparent oil varnish. Self-confident craftsmanship of character are visible at the most elegant scroll, that is the work of an highly experienced hand. Playfully elegant soundholes and corners determine the individual character of the instrument. Our professional luthiers worked over this fine Czech violin meticulously and set it up bright, clear, ringing and precise and with good power. The price includes an appraisal for 3,500 DM by Löbner.

2800.0 €

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