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Klingenthal violin approx. 1850 - top
Klingenthal violin approx. 1850 - top
Antique violin from Klingenthal, mid 19th century
Antique violin from Klingenthal, mid 19th century
Antique violin from Klingenthal, for students - ribs
Antique violin from Klingenthal, for students - ribs
Antique violin from Klingenthal, for students - scroll
Antique violin from Klingenthal, for students - scroll
Provenance: Klingenthal
Maker: Unknown
Length of back: 35.9 cm
Year: 1880 - 1900
Tone: Dark, resonant

Antique violin from Klingenthal, for students, approx. 130 years old

Antique violins from the Saxonian violin making town Klingenthal are highly sought-after for their mature sound that is full of character, especially instruments that have been built in or before the first half of the 19th century. According to this, such violins are rarely offered at economimal rates. With this simple and robust Klingenthal student violin that was made around 1880 - 1900 we sell a truly antique instrument, that had enthusiastic musicians among its former owners, as significant, strong traces of use clearly indicate. Indeed this very well preserved violin unfolds a dark, resonant sound, that is not comparable to new student sets available in the market - it has been worked over thoroughly by our experienced luthiers and is perfectly suitable for growing players. With a bold, handcarved scroll the violin unmistakeably presents solid German Saxonian craftsmanship, as it does with its yellow-brown varnish, that is very typical for the Klingenthal region.

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