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    Corilon violins • Lilienstrasse 2 • D-81669 München • Germany
    Phone: +49 (0)89-444 19 619 • Fax: +49 (0)89-444 19 620

    New arrivals in our catalogue
    • SALE Luigi Vistoli, Italian violin made in 1943 (certificate Hieronymus Köstler)
    • Interesting English violin no. 47 by Jeffery James Gilbert, 1886
    • SALE Fine Baroque violin in original condition - circa 1800
    • Powerful Markneukirchen violin, approx. 1940. Stradivarius model
    • SALE Violin by J.T.L., approx. 1900
    • Fine French soloist violin by Joseph Laurent Mast, 1823
    • SALE Modern Italian violin by Loris Lanini, 1927 (certificate by Machold)
    • SALE Fine Italian violin by Liuteria Luigi Mozzani, 1921, No. 47
    • SALE Master violin by Wenzl Fuchs, Erlangen
    • French violin bow by Charles Alfred Bazin (certificate by J.-F. Raffin)
    • Fine violin by Joseph Kantuscher. Mittenwald, 1973 op. 308
    • Interesting French cello bow by Nicolas Jacquot, c.1835 (certificate by J.-F. Raffin)
    • Paul Émile Miquel: fine French violin bow, c.1900 (certificate by J.-F. Raffin)
    • Excellent English viola by John Mather, 1992
    • Ernst Heinrich Roth, master violin model F6 (1997)
    • Attractive antique French 3/4 violin
    • 3/4 - old French 3/4 violin, probably Laberte
    • Fine old German viola bow. 1920's
    • WORKED OVER AND IMPROVED Fine Mittenwald violin by Max Hofmann, 1957
    • WORKED OVER AND IMPRoVED Georges Coné: Fine French violin no. 73. Lyon, 1937
    • Modern cello bow, A. R. Reichel. Silver mounted
    • Old Markneukirchen violin with a warm sound, 1930's
    • Atelier Charles Louis Bazin - French viola bow
    • Recommendable Master violin by Erwin Georg Volkmann, 1975