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You can enjoy the convenience of paying by credit card or bank debit using PayPal, the reliable online payment system that is integrated into our order form - up to a maximum amount of 20,000 EUR. The classic alternative to paying online is bank transfer payment in advance, a service which we are also happy to provide before delivery. We are happy to offer you the possibility to pay upon collection by cash or card in our business premises in Munich, Germany. Please have in mind that a 3.5% - 5% transaction charge applies to all card payments.

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    Phone: +49 (0)89-444 19 619 • Fax: +49 (0)89-444 19 620

    New arrivals in our catalogue
    • Good Markneukirchen violin after Amati
    • Good sounding 1920's German violin. Warm, lovely tones
    • Old German 3/4 violin. After Stradivarius, dark tone
    • Fine Mittenwald violin by Max Hofmann, 1957
    • Violin from Saxony, approx. 1940 - powerful warm sound
    • Charming French violin, Marque Apparut,  made in 1936
    • 3/4 violin from Markneukirchen, 1920's. Clear strong tone
    • Attractive old German 3/4 violin. Saxony, 1930's, bright, radiant tone
    • Attractive antique Mittenwald violin, approx. 1900 - powerful sound
    • H. R. Pfretzschner violin bow, c.1930
    • French 3/4 violin bow. Ary France, Mirecourt
    • Violin of quality from Markneukirchen,. Kurt Raabs, 1930's
    • Modern Italian viola, Stefano Conia, Cremona 1985 (certificate Stefano Conia)
    • Contemporary Italian violin from the Otello Bignami school: Gianni Norcia, Bologna - concert master choice!
    • Older Markneukirchen violin, 1940's
    • Gold mounted violin bow. Markneukirchen c.1920
    • Italian 1/2 violin by Carlo di Citta, 1999
    • Cristiano Ferrazzi. Italian violin op. 120
    • Claude A. Thomassin, fine French violin bow. Circa 1920
    • Modern Italian violin. Lorenzo Bergonzi, Mantova, 1992
    • German violin. Made by F. C. Louis, Saarbrücken, early 20th century
    • Alois Fütterer, Mittenwald violin c.1930
    • Italian violin from the 1970's - warm, mellow sound
    • Italian violin, Archimede Orlandini, Parma 1985