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Shipping and handling costs

Corilon violins assumes full liability for damages and losses during transport.

Safely shipping precious stringed instruments worldwide is our everday business. Therefore, Corilon violins assumes full liability for damages and losses that occur during transport on the way to you. Below you will find the flat rates we charge for safe packaging and shipping and handling of stringed instruments. If you order more than one article, only the highest rate will apply; for example, only the rate for shipping a violin will apply if a violin is sent along with a bow. We ship with DPD (Germany and Europe) and Deutsche Post/DHL premium (worldwide international). Please ask for your individual FedEx shipping quote.


European Union
+ Switzerland


16.50 € 28.50 € 49.00 €


16.50 € 28.50 € 49.00 €


49.00 € 79.00 € 95.00 €

Children's violins

16.50 € 28.50 € 49.00 €

Violin bows

16.50 € 28.50 € 49.00 €

Cello bows

16.50 € 28.50 € 49.00 €

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    New arrivals in our catalogue:
    • Modern mid 20th century English viola, oil varnished
    • Jules Sirgent, Paris, fine antique French violin patterned after Guarneri
    • Eckart Richter, fine contemporary master violin from Markneukirchen, 1995
    • French master violin, Jean Striebig, 1945
    • Interesting master violin from Bohemia, approx. 1870
    • Old German volin, oil varnish, 1940/1950's
    • Strong, active viola bow - Germany, 1970's, W. Seifert
    • Silver mounted German viola bow, active and strong
    • Older, 1970's Bubenreuth violin in excellent condition
    • Michael Reindl, petite Mittenwald master violin, 1935
    • NEW SOUND SAMPLE / Historic master violin, late 18th century, Prague School
    • Fine and precisely reacting 1920's English violin bow
    • Fine H. R. Pfretzschner violin bow, silver mounted - masterpiece
    • Excellent and highly recommendable Markneukirchen violin bow, approx. 1920
    • German 1920's violin bow, Max Schäffner, Hamburg
    • Max König, Munich, rare violin dated 1907
    • LEASE ONLY: Contemporary Italian master violin by Nicola Vendrame
    • LEASE ONLY: Historical violin by Johann Georg Leeb, Preßburg, 1786
    • LEASE ONLY: Plinio Michetti, a fine old Italian violin, Torino
    • LEASE ONLY: Contemporary Cremonese master violin, Daniele Scolari
    • LEASE ONLY: Riccardo Bergonzi, contemporary Cremonese master violin
    • LEASE ONLY: Giulio Cesare Gigli, fine 18th century Italian violin, approx. 1750
    • LEASE ONLY: Franco Albanelli, a fine contemporary Italian violin
    • Fine violin of the Thir school, approx. 1750 (certificate Hieronymus Köstler)