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Children's violins

Small-sized and children's violins: 3/4 violins, 1/2 violins and 1/4 violins

Children's violins have a dubious reputation, especially since they represent the screeching and squeaking of almost every violin player's early years. Many parents and young players are not aware of the quality of old small-sized violins, a desirable alternative to a new factory instrument. Our online catalogue presents old and antique 3/4 violins, 1/2 violins and selected 1/4 violins, professionally worked over by our violin makers, at fair and reasonable prices. Discover a surprising better sound quality with your old 3/4 violin that will please both the player and the audience. What is more, children and youths will be inspired by the charm of a historical German, French or Italian children's violin. Search our website for small sized instruments of a special size by typing e. g. "old 3/4 violin", "French 3/4 violin", or "antique 1/2 violin" into the search box.
View violin size chart. Corilon violins presents German, French and Italian 3/4 violins, 1/2 violins and 1/4 violins, each one restored by the qualified luthiers in our wokshop and ready to play.

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3/4 - simple students violin - top

1/2 - Handmade 1/2 violin with a strong, warm sound

Inventory No.: 4186
Provenance: Eastern Europe
Maker: Unknown
Length of back: 32.1 cm
Year: 1990 circa
Price: 450.0 €

3/4 violin, built in Germany around 1950

Inventory No.: 2704
Provenance: Germany
Maker: Unknown
Length of back: 33.1 cm
Year: approx. 1950
Price: 550.0 €

Audio sample
3/4 - German Bubenreuth violin

1/2 - Karl Herrmann 1/2 violin, Bubenreuth 1988

Inventory No.: 3990
Provenance: Bubenreuth
Maker: Karl Herrmann
Length of back: 31.3 cm
Year: 1988
Price: 650.0 €

antique German 1/2 size violin

1/2 - good antique German-Bohemian 1/2 violin

Inventory No.: 4318
Provenance: Saxony
Maker: Unknown
Length of back: 31.2 cm
Year: 1900 circa
Price: 650.0 €

Mittenwald 3/4 violin, approx. 1880 - top

3/4 - old 1920's Mittenwald 3/4 violin

Inventory No.: 4244
Provenance: Mittenwald
Maker: Unknown
Length of back: 33.6 cm
Year: approx. 1920
Price: 690.0 €

Audio sample
Bohemian 3/4 violin - top view

3/4 - attractive Bohemian 3/4 violin

Inventory No.: 965
Provenance: Czechoslovakia
Maker: Unknown
Length of back: 33.7 cm
Year: approx. 1940
Price: 750.0 €

Audio sample

3/4 - German violin after Amati, Boosey & Hawkes, approx. 1920 - top view

3/4 - German 3/4 violin by Boosey & Hawkes

Inventory No.: 1222
Provenance: Germany
Maker: Boosey & Hawkes label
Length of back: 34.8 cm
Year: approx. 1920
Price: 750.0 €

Audio sample
1/4 violin, French - top view

1/8 - French 1/8 violin by J.T.L.

Inventory No.: 2201
Provenance: Mirecourt
Maker: Jerome Thibouville-Lamy
Length of back: 26.5 cm
Year: approx. 1950
Price: 750.0 €

German 3/4 violin from the Musikwinkel - top view

3/4 – German 3/4 violin from around 1930

Inventory No.: 1488
Provenance: Klingenthal
Maker: Unknown
Length of back: 33.7 cm
Year: 1930 circa
Price: 850.0 €

Audio sample

3/4 - attractive 3/4-sized violin from Markneukirchen

3/4 - attractive 3/4 violin from Markneukirchen

Inventory No.: 1766
Provenance: Markneukirchen
Maker: Unknown
Length of back: 33.7 cm
Year: 1920 circa
Price: 850.0 €

Audio sample
Old 1/2 Violin with a wide neck, France, around 1880

1/2 - old French 1/2 violin, circa 1880

Inventory No.: 1757
Provenance: Mirecourt
Maker: Unknown
Length of back: 30.9 cm
Year: 1880 circa
Price: 850.0 €

Copie de Stradivarius violin, Mirecourt, around 1900

1/2 - French 1/2 violin, "Copie de Stradivarius"

Inventory No.: 446
Provenance: Mirecourt
Maker: Unknown
Length of back: 31.0 cm
Year: 1900 circa
Price: 850.0 €

New arrivals in our catalogue:
  • Modern mid 20th century English viola, oil varnished
  • Jules Sirgent, Paris, fine antique French violin patterned after Guarneri
  • Eckart Richter, fine contemporary master violin from Markneukirchen, 1995
  • French master violin, Jean Striebig, 1945
  • Interesting master violin from Bohemia, approx. 1870
  • Old German volin, oil varnish, 1940/1950's
  • Strong, active viola bow - Germany, 1970's, W. Seifert
  • Silver mounted German viola bow, active and strong
  • Older, 1970's Bubenreuth violin in excellent condition
  • Michael Reindl, petite Mittenwald master violin, 1935
  • NEW SOUND SAMPLE / Historic master violin, late 18th century, Prague School
  • Fine and precisely reacting 1920's English violin bow
  • Antique German violin, 1920's, Markneukirchen
  • Fine H. R. Pfretzschner violin bow, silver mounted - masterpiece
  • Excellent and highly recommendable Markneukirchen violin bow, approx. 1920
  • German 1920's violin bow, Max Schäffner, Hamburg
  • Max König, Munich, rare violin dated 1907
  • LEASE ONLY: Contemporary Italian master violin by Nicola Vendrame
  • LEASE ONLY: Historical violin by Johann Georg Leeb, Preßburg, 1786
  • LEASE ONLY: Plinio Michetti, a fine old Italian violin, Torino
  • LEASE ONLY: Contemporary Cremonese master violin, Daniele Scolari
  • LEASE ONLY: Riccardo Bergonzi, contemporary Cremonese master violin
  • LEASE ONLY: Giulio Cesare Gigli, fine 18th century Italian violin, approx. 1750
  • LEASE ONLY: Franco Albanelli, a fine contemporary Italian violin