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Old 3/4 violin from Mirecourt - top
Old 3/4 violin from Mirecourt - top
Old 3/4 violin from Mirecourt - top
Antique French 3/4 violin - back
Antique French 3/4 violin - back
Old 3/4 violin from Mirecourt - side
Old 3/4 violin from Mirecourt - side
Antique French 3/4 violin - scroll
Antique French 3/4 violin - scroll
Inventory No.: 5160
Provenance: Mirecourt
Maker: probably J.T.L.
Length of back: 33.5 cm
Year: 1910 circa

Antique French 3/4 violin. Probably J.T. L.

This antique French 3/4 violin was handmade in Mirecourt, most likely in the J.T.L. workshops at the beginning of the 20th century. The harmonious design matches the delightful antique varnish, which is of a shiny red-brown colour, in a perfect way. Well selected woods, the top is made of medium grained spruce, the one piece back of mildly flamed maple, contribute to the antique 3/4 violins noteworthy bright, warm and somewhat mellow sound. This good antique 3/4 violin is offered in perfect condition, after having been given a full and complete luthier service in our atelier. A very rare and dignified antique 3/4 violin for ambitioned young connoisseurs, offered at a reasonable price.

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