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Morizot viola bow frog
Morizot viola bow frog
Morizot viola bow frog
Morizot viola bow head
Morizot viola bow head
Inventory No.: B891
Provenance: Mirecourt
Maker: probably Morizot
Length of back: 68.3 g
Year: approx. 1940
Tone: Warm, bright, large

French viola bow, probably Morizot workshop

This French viola bow is a remarkable and well-balanced piece that very probably hails from the esteemed Morizot workshop. There are many factors that validate this attribution, not least of which is the characteristic and perfectly executed graduation in the strong round stick of superior pernambuco, the kind of work which André Auguste Morizot produced at his brilliantly organized family workshop. He was the third eldest of the five brothers who had made bows with their father Louis Joseph Morizot since 1920 and established a division of labour in which every one of them successfully applied their strongest talents to their common goals. As a result, Morizot frères achieved the zenith of their artisanal and entrepreneurial accomplishments in the late 1930s, and as a family of outstanding craftsmen, together they attained the pinnacle of modern French bow making. This nickel silver-mounted viola bow fits superbly in this context: even though the definitive confirmation of its provencence is not present, the meticulously crafted frog with its Parisian eye and the button clearly articulate the style and the lovingly detailed approach of the Morizots. The musikal properties of this magnificently controllable bow satisfy high standards; its centrally positioned striking point that tends slightly towards the tip permits musicians to play fluidly and create a large, bright and yet pleasantly warm sound.

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