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More detailed information about stringed instruments and the history of violin making.

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Violin table: Modern Italian violin: Lorenzo Bergonzi, Mantova, 1992

A contemporary piece which showcases all of the assets of modern Italian violin makin ...

Inventory No.: 5043
Provenance: Mantova
Maker: Lorenzo Bergonzi
Length of back: 35.3 cm
Year: 1992
Price: 5000.0 €

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Italian violin by Sergio Maria Martinoli 1996 - top

As a 16-year-old, Sergio Maria Martinoli (1929-2007) began his violin-making career b ...

Inventory No.: 1906
Provenance: Baronissi
Maker: Sergio Maria Martinoli
Length of back: 35.5 cm
Year: 1996
Price: 5500.0 €

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Historically interesting French violin, by Rene Bazin - top view

A historical rarity of modern French violin making, this instrument by René Bazin (19 ...

Inventory No.: 4817
Provenance: Lille
Maker: René Bazin
Length of back: 35.9 cm
Year: 1936
Price: 5500.0 €

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Fine Swiss master violin by August Meinel

This fine master violin is an excellent and very personal work by August Meinel, who  ...

Inventory No.: 4998
Provenance: Liestal
Maker: August Meinel
Length of back: 35.9 cm
Year: 1926
Price: 6000.0 €

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Eckart Richter, contemporary master violin, Markneukirchen - top

The powerful, large, soloist sound of this contemporary master violin is a vivid trib ...

Inventory No.: A40
Provenance: Markneukirchen
Maker: Eckart Richter
Length of back: 35.7 cm
Year: 1981
Price: 6500.0 €

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Francesco Cossu, Italian violin, 1979 - top

As a full-blooded Italian violin, made in 1979 by Francesco Cossu (b. 1933), this ins ...

Inventory No.: 2026
Provenance: Cagliari
Maker: Francesco Cosso
Length of back: 35.5 cm
Year: 1979
Price: 7500.0 €

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Fine Mittenwald violin, Klotz school, approx. 1800 - top

Dating from around 1800, this highly interesting Mittenwald violin is an excellent wo ...

Inventory No.: 5058
Provenance: Mittenwald
Maker: Klotz circle
Length of back: 35.9 cm
Year: approx. 1800
Price: 7500.0 €

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Italian violin, Archimede Orlandini, Parma 1985 - top

Premium tone woods were used for this stunningly beautiful violin by Italian luthier  ...

Inventory No.: 3829
Provenance: Parma
Maker: Archimede Orlandini
Length of back: 35.9 cm
Year: 1985
Price: 7500.0 €

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Mario Gadda violin

This modern Mario Gadda violin is a copy of Stefano Scarampella. Made in 1998 and pro ...

Inventory No.: 4513
Provenance: Mantova
Maker: Mario Gadda
Length of back: 35.8 cm
Year: 1998
Price: 8500.0 €

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Fine 18th century violin, after Stainer, Franz Knitl, 1769

The playful elegance and the sweet, nuanced sound of this second violin by Franz Knit ...

Inventory No.: A28
Provenance: Mittenwald
Maker: Franz Knitl
Length of back: 35.4 cm
Year: 1769
Price: 8500.0 €

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Rare violin by Christoph Friedrich Hunger, Leipzig, 1776 - table

Top-quality references authenticate the artisanal and musical quality of this rare hi ...

Inventory No.: 4893
Provenance: Leipzig
Maker: Christoph Friedrich Hunger
Length of back: 35.6 cm
Year: 1776
Price: 8500.0 €

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Contemporary Italian master violin, Virgilio Cremonini, 2012 - top

One of the few contemporary pieces in the Corilon catalogue, this beautiful and elega ...

Inventory No.: 4768
Provenance: Crevalcore
Maker: Virgilio Cremonini
Length of back: 35.5 cm
Year: 2012
Price: 9500.0 €

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Otello Bignami school: Contemporary Italian violin, Gianni Norcia, Bologna

Concert master choice! - Such delicate and detailed artisanry and the articulate eleg ...

Inventory No.: 4762
Provenance: Bologna
Maker: Gianni Norcia
Length of back: 35.6 cm
Year: 2003
Price: 9500.0 €

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Modern Italian 7/8 violin, Carlo Melloni, 1932 (certificate Eric Blot) - spruce top

This 35.0 cm petite Italian 7/8 violin is a magnificent instrument for small handed p ...

Inventory No.: 4218
Provenance: Bologna
Maker: Carlo Melloni
Length of back: 35.0 cm
Year: 1932
Price: 9500.0 €

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George Adolphe Chanot, G. A. Chanot Violin #212

An exceptional master violin, this 1902 instrument was made by George Adolphe Chanot, ...

Inventory No.: A104
Provenance: Manchester
Maker: George Adolphe Chanot
Length of back: 36.0 cm
Year: 1902
Price: 10000.0 €

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New arrivals in our catalogue
  • 3/4 - Old German violin, clear strong tone
  • Attractive antique Mittenwald violin, approx. 1900 - powerful sound
  • H. R. Pfretzschner violin bow, c.1930
  • French 3/4 violin bow. Ary France, Mirecourt
  • Alois Fütterer, Mittenwald violin c.1930
  • Violin of quality from Markneukirchen,. Kurt Raabs, 1930's
  • Modern Italian viola, Stefano Conia, Cremona 1985 (certificate Stefano Conia)
  • Contemporary Italian violin from the Otello Bignami school: Gianni Norcia, Bologna - concert master choice!
  • Older Markneukirchen violin, 1940's
  • SALE: Antique German 3/4 violin. For young talents, Markneukirchen
  • Gold mounted violin bow. Markneukirchen c.1920
  • Claude A. Thomassin, fine French violin bow. Circa 1920
  • Cristiano Ferrazzi. Italian violin op. 120
  • German violin. Made by F. C. Louis, Saarbrücken, early 20th century
  • George Adolphe Chanot, soloist violin no. 212
  • German 3/4 student violin. Saxony, 1950ies
  • Fine contemporary viola bow. Rudolf Neudörfer, Bubenreuth
  • Viola bow, c.1980. Silver mounted, Markneukirchen, Germany
  • Fine Mittenwald violin after Aegidius Kloz, c.1800
  • Neuner & Hornsteiner violin, Mittenwald c.1900
  • Antique Saxon violin with decorative carving, Markneukirchen
  • Attractive French violin by J.T.L. - Jerome Thibouville-Lamy
  • Antique, 19th century Mittenwald violin, c.1880
  • Austrian Violin by Eduard Heidegger, Linz