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Markneukirchen violin
Markneukirchen violin
Markneukirchen violin
Inventory No.: 5371
Provenance: Germany
Maker: Unknown
Length of back: 36.0 cm
Year: approx. 1940
Tone: Warm, powerful, dark

Old violin. Made in Markneukirchen, 1940's

Featuring a beautifully clear and rounded, powerful tone, this 1940's Markneukirchen is a copy of Stradivari, built in the 1940s in Saxony in Germany. The violin is a solid piece, well-crafted and besides its many visible traces from playing aesthetically appealing with its orange-brown transparent spirit-oil varnish. The violin top which is made from medium grained spruce, the transparent varnish which is beautifully antiqued emphasizes the mild flames of the medium arched one-piece back. Indeed the violins sound is quite motivating to play, strong and clear, mature, rounded. We are offering the Markneukirchen violin despite its many optical flaws in substantially and technically perfect condition, ready to play and worked over completely by our experienced luthiers.

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