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Italian violin, Romedio Muncher
Italian violin, Romedio Muncher
Italian violin, Romedio Muncher
Romedio Muncher violin back
Romedio Muncher violin back
- side
- side
- scroll
- scroll
Inventory No.: 5472
Provenance: Cremona
Maker: Romedio Muncher
Length of back: 35.5 cm
Year: 1929

Italian violin, Romedio Muncher, Cremona 1929

This interesting modern Italian violin was made by Romedio Muncher in Cremona, and its powerful sound has the typically radiant note that is common to modern Italian stringed instruments. The interesting slim model with broad shoulders, solidly crafted beesting corners and a well-rounded table is indicative of the thoroughly considered contemporary craftsmanship that was typical in Muncher's circles and among Aristide Cavalli's Officina Claudio Monteverdi in early 20th century Cremona. It is no contradiction in terms to note that Muncher’s philosophy entailed a close and thoughtful look back at the great classics of Italian violin making; instead, many of the modern workshops of the day created "a bridge to the future," as musicologist Walter Kolneder aptly wrote in his reference work "Das Buch der Violine." This attitude is one that Romedio Muncher became acquainted with and internalised during his studies with his master, Enrico Ceruti, whose students were also inspired by his sense of tradition along with his innovative work. An aesthetic echo of earlier traditions can be seen in this violin’s full and indubitably Italian scroll, whereas the instrument’s sophisticated and luminous reddish-brown varnish radiates a sense of youthful freshness. After having carefully set up this perfectly preserved Italian Romedio Muncher violin at our specialist atelier for restoration, it is now ready to play, and we warmly recommend it because of its mighty sound and its bright character with exceptional timbre.

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