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Pierre Paul Marchal violin
Pierre Paul Marchal violin
Pierre Paul Marchal violin
Pierre Paul Marchal violin back
Pierre Paul Marchal violin back
Pierre Paul Marchal violin ribs
Pierre Paul Marchal violin ribs
Pierre Paul Marchal violin scroll
Pierre Paul Marchal violin scroll
Inventory No.: 4833
Provenance: Mirecourt
Maker: Pierre Paul Marchal
Length of back: 35.6 cm
Year: late 18th century

18th century French violin, Pierre Paul Marchal

This French violin is an interesting workshop piece by Pierre Paul Marchal, the son of a wide-ranging family of Mirecourt luthiers whose name has also been documented as Marechal and Mareschal. As a trade instrument, this late 18th century violin gives us an impression of the older craftsman traditions of this historic instrument-making town, and with its attractive appearance and its well-defined tonal attributes, it is a worthy representative of common French musical culture of its time. The finely-grained spruce of the top and the wonderfully gentle flames of the two-piece maple back under a darkened varnish give this violin its enigmatic historic character. In light of its advanced age, its outstanding condition is surprising; its extremely affordable price is due to a well-executed professional repair to the back joint and a repair to the top which we reinforced, both of which have no effect whatsoever on the sound of this rare violin, which is now ready to play. A highly recommendable instrument, its warm and mature voice has a rich range with a slightly silvery note that gives it a sophisticated lustre.

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