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Violin by Marc de Sterke
Violin by Marc de Sterke
Violin by Marc de Sterke
Marc de Sterke violin back
Marc de Sterke violin back
Marc de Sterke violin ribs
Marc de Sterke violin ribs
Marc de Sterke violin scroll
Marc de Sterke violin scroll
Inventory No.: 5424
Provenance: Freiburg
Maker: Marc de Sterke
Length of back: 35.5 cm
Year: Early 21st century

Contemporary master violin by Marc de Sterke

An outstanding choice for professional violinists, this young instrument was crafted by Marc de Sterke, one of the most sought-after masters of our day. In its acoustic and aesthetic perfection, this apprxoimately ten year old violin which is well played-in follows the classic Italian model of Nicola Amati, whose work Marc de Sterke studied intensely at the famous violin making school in Cremona – at a time where influential teachers such as Pietro Sgarabotto, Gio Batta Morassi and Francesco Bissolotti were actively bringing the normative standards of historic Italian tradition into fruition for 20th century violin making. As a result, historic masterpieces by Stradivari, Amati and Guarneri served as the natural point of reference for Marc de Sterke’s art; the tastefully antiqued and luminous golden-yellow varnish of this delightfully elegant violin is an homage, a declaration of his love of the ideals his great role models established. This violin’s artisanal flawlessness all the way down to the finest details illustrates Marc de Sterke’s profound mastery: from early on in his career, he concentrated on crafting new stringed instruments, and he generated plenty of attention within less than a year after completing his degree in Cremona when he won an award at the Concours International du Quatuor à Cordes de Liege. Born in 1948 and a resident of Freiburg, Germany, Marc de Sterke maintains steady contact with world-renowned musicians such as Nicolas Chumachenco and excellent rising luthiers as he refines the aural properties of his violins’ model. And this violin, which has been kept in impeccable condition, is compelling for many reasons, including its radiant warm sound that has a sweet character which features a carrying powerful voice and balanced harmony, even in the higher registers.

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